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Top 7 RegTech Companies of India in 2023 you must know about

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RegTech is a set of technology companies that employ automation to solve challenges caused by a technology-driven economy. Because of digital products, data breaches, cyberattacks, money laundering, and other illicit activities have increased. RegTech reduces the risk to a company’s compliance staff by giving information about internet money laundering operations.

RegTech is a set of technology companies that employ automation to solve challenges caused by a technology-driven economy. It seeks to track real-time online transactions in order to identify faults or discrepancies in the realm of digital payments. RegTech firms use cloud computing and big data to connect with financial institutions and regulatory agencies, allowing clients with securely and quickly share data with other organisations. They also estimate potential risk areas for a bank to focus on by combining intricate information from the firm with data from previous regulatory failures.

1) Enforcd

This forward-thinking company makes it easy to comply with international regulatory obligations by providing a global enforcement database. This package has these and other features: pattern analysis, Examine the government’s actions against companies. Avoid compliance missteps by learning from the many mistakes that organisations have made.

2) FinChat

FinChat develops compliance monitoring software that allows regulated enterprises to capture business-related instant chats transmitted via mobile devices to workers. These recordings are subsequently stored on company computers, allowing compliance professionals to easily access the required data for audit trails, dispute settlement, fraud investigations, and other uses. FinChat also audits well-known messaging apps for regulated enterprises, allowing them to continue engaging with clients via their favourite messaging service without fear of regulatory fines.

3) Reg Room

Reg-Room, LLC provides regulatory information services, monitoring, and consulting to the financial services sector. It monitors over 1,350 regulatory organisations and provides a user-friendly web interface for quickly discovering rules and regulations. Today, banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions use Reg-Room as a content stream to help with compliance activities.


CityFALCON is redefining how financial news is sourced, filtered, shared, and consumed. CityFALCON Score evaluates financial tweets, news, and authors in the same way as Klout Score evaluates people and their social influence. The CityFALCON Score can offer you with the top 30 relevant stories from the 200K accessible oil news. CityFALCON’s proprietary algorithm provides a personalised newsfeed based on each person’s profile, interactions, and interests.

5) Amareos

Amareos was created in order to limit the quantity of data available on the internet. It converts the volume and diversity of social media and news feeds into manageable information flows that enable users to make better decisions. Their heat-maps provide comprehensive end-of-day evaluations of the world’s financial markets, and their dashboard interface organises all the data you need about an asset using advanced graphical visualisation capabilities.

6) Clause Match

Regulated firms utilise Clausematch as their preferred platform to manage policy and regulatory change, show compliance, and retain responsiveness and agility in a continuously changing environment. Clausematch was formed in 2012 and has been recognised as a Global FinTech Startup of the Year by FinTech Abu Dhabi, in addition to being named in the RegTech 100, CB Insights’ Top FinTech 250, and Dow Jones’ Top 10 RegTech Companies to Watch.

7) KyoLAB

KyoLAB was founded in 2016 with the intention of being your mobile compliance partner. In order to limit compliance risk, their system allows you to monitor and archive data from popular mobile messaging platforms like as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram. Their real-time analytics give you with relevant customer information as well as transparency for compliance. KyoLAB specialises on regulatory technologies (RegTech) like as compliance monitoring, compliance messaging, and contextual analytics.

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