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Why have AI-powered robots been deployed on Goa’s beaches?

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Robots are being deployed on Goa’s beaches to assist lifeguards in saving people. These robots are based on artificial intelligence and come in two varieties. Please tell us how these robots would aid in the saving of life on Goa Beach.

Artificial intelligence is being applied in a variety of applications all around us. Whether it’s to do an online search or to be wise about home matters. All of this is made possible by artificial intelligence. It will now be utilised to save people’s lives as well. AI-powered robots can be found on Goa’s beaches.

Drishti Marine, a lifeguard organisation, has introduced AI-powered self-driving robots Aurus and Triton. Both are monitoring devices that will assist the team in saving lives. Let us know how they intend to complete their tasks.

The crew will be able to better monitor the Goa beach with the assistance of Aurus. This is a self-driving robot that was created to assist lifesavers.

It will monitor the no-swimming zone and notify tourists of large waves. It has been stated that these robots have performed 110 hours of independent labour. It has gone 130 kilometres.

The Triton will also collaborate with the Aurus, supplying lifeguards with all the in-between details. Triton has already completed 19 thousand hours of operation.

Both AI systems will be managed by Tech Lifesavers. The crew in charge of the control room will select where these two robots will patrol. The Aurus will be stationed at Miramar Beach, while the Triton will visit many beaches. Drishti Marine believes that using robots and AI-based systems for beach monitoring will be easier in the future.

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