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Top 7 Retailtech companies in India in 2022 you must know about

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Retailtech firms employ the most inventive and creative cutting-edge technology to create an environment that combines brick-and-mortar and E-commerce stores into one. Find out the top 7 Retailtech companies in India in 2022 that you must know about.

According to a research, retail innovation and investment program methods or prospects may be divided into two major categories: disruption and enablement. The enabling technologies assist current stores in swiftly adapting to new change, whereas the disruptors are the difficult ones. They challenge preconceived notions about what it means to be a store.

Retail technology has been incredibly beneficial for retail firms. The customer purchasing experience has altered dramatically as a result of the advent of cutting-edge technology and digital disruption.

Nowadays, retail technology is considered the new buzzword, bringing with it a plethora of developments and opportunities.

Delivering the client experience is an important component to keep in mind for every successful organization.

Let’s take a closer look at how certain retail tech startups in India have been giving considerable advantages to individuals while driving the sector forward.

Here are the top 7 Retailtech companies in India in 2022 that you should be aware of:

1. Faire

Faire Wholesale Inc. was founded in 2017 with the greatest team members available. Faire is a firm that specializes in aiding merchants in discovering and acquiring the best wholesale items for their number of locations.

With a total of nine investment rounds, the company’s overall funding amount worth has been excellent.

2. Grabango

Grabango, created in 1016, is the industry leader in the process of self-checkout technology for the service of all large-scale supermarket and convenience stores.

After scanning the code in the Grabango app, all consumers may bypass the checkout queue and walk out of the businesses. Many people who have been waiting in grocery lines for so many days might find the delight of shopping with this firm.

3. The Stackline

Stacking is a retail intelligence and software company that provides the greatest e-commerce tools, data, and services. The Stackline technology activates the data, automates the execution, and even optimizes the platform. It includes advertising automation for internet retailers.

Over 250,000 retailers and over 30,000 distinct brands from more than 80 countries have used the company’s platform. It also enables businesses to A/B test products, and they can readily return what does not sell for free.

Through the use of industry-leading technology, stacking is dramatically altering how eCommerce advertising is managed.

4. CleverCards

It is regarded as the worldwide payments platform that has enabled several enterprises and government agencies. The organization has been supplying digital pre-paid Mastercards to corporations with a variety of clientele in order to reward their staff or consumers.

You may effortlessly convert cellphone minutes into a digital Mastercard, allowing consumers to transmit payments all over the world.

5. GrubMarket

GrubMarket provides the greatest fresh meals online at low prices and with lightning-fast delivery. It is a firm that digitally alters the American food supply chain sector that was founded in 2014.

You may quickly locate a wholesaler and obtain high-quality, distinctive items at reasonable rates. They have sophisticated software that is enabling the digital transition.

6. Trove

Trove, a retail technology business, has been developing white-label technology and end-to-end operations for the most premium and luxury brands in order to fuel the most circular shopping.

When you visit the site, they capture a lot of anonymous analytic data and share it with other shops. The organization does not share its data with third parties.

7. AiFi

The company is regarded as a software development company that works with a variety of organizations that specialize in retail automation systems. AiFi made use of Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, and sensor flow to provide its clients with a checkout-free experience.

The company’s shopping behavior is very favorable, increasing operational efficiency and even driving the company’s revenue to new heights.

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