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Top 9 agritech companies of India in 2023 you must know about 

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Agritech is the use of technology breakthroughs to boost agricultural productivity and efficiency. Find out the top 9 agritech companies of India in 2023 you must know about.. 

Agritech is a combination of the words “agricultural” and “technology.” It improves the agricultural process by utilising robots, gadgets, artificial intelligence, and even big data.

Agritech firms have an emphasis on minimising human labour, boosting harvest, and lowering crop cultivation resources. Agritech is not limited to the agriculture business; it also applies to the horticulture and aquaculture industries. In the agricultural business, Indian agritech firms have a long way to go.

Here are the top 9 agritech firms in India in 2023 that you should be aware of.

1. Sfarms India:

Sfarms India is a marketplace dedicated solely to the purchase and sale of agricultural property in India.

The firm was founded to help farmers and non-farmers find, acquire, and sell agricultural properties, small farms, and estate holdings. It links buyers and sellers with no middlemen, allowing for cost-effective Agri land acquisitions.

2. KhetiGaadi:

KhetiGaadi is an online e-commerce platform that allows farmers to rent, sell, purchase, or lease tractors and other farm equipment.

Agricultural tools and equipment, farm mechanisation implements, and plant nutrition products are all available from the firm. Providing farmers with proper understanding of mechanisation enables them to employ the appropriate type.

3. Crofarm:

Crofarm is a tech-driven agritech firm that promises to minimise agricultural waste through supply chain network optimization. Ashish Chand started the firm, which has received 3.8 million USD in investment.

They advise farmers on crop standards that serve to increase market value and ensure that farmers earn more than the prices provided in a mandi.

4. Farm2fam:

Farm2fam is a firm located in Mumbai that was started in January 2019. The primary goal of this agritech firm is to raise awareness about the human body’s ability to cure itself via natural nourishment.

Live microgreens contain 40 times more nutrients than veggies and are the perfect blend of flavour and nutrition. The firm has ten workers and is funded by its parent company, Vijay Transtech Pvt Ltd.

5. Aarav Unmanned Systems:

Aarav Unmanned Systems is a 2013 start-up that emerged from IIT Kanpur. They specialise in urban planning, industrial regions, Smart cities, micro irrigation, watershed management, mining, power, and infrastructure.

The business has mapped about 55 million acres of land for various projects, including 200 mines, 35 cities, and 25,000 villages.

6. Bombay Hemp Company:

BOHECO, or Bombay Hemp Company, is a privately held social company in Mumbai. In India, the firm was established to explore and promote the production of industrial hemp, the super crop of our time.

Yash P Kotak, the company’s founder, started it in 2013. It now has an annual revenue of 50 lakh to 1 crore INR. By the conclusion of fiscal year 2022, it hopes to have become 2.5 times larger than it is now.

7. AgricxLab:

Agricx was formed in 2016 to help the agriculture ecosystem improve and eliminate the obstacles inherent in present procedures. The firm connects agricultural commodity bulk purchasers with cold storage operators.It assesses the quality of goods using computer vision and machine learning. It has a staff of 17 people and a total financing of $775k USD.

8. Aibono:

Aibono specialises on agricultural intelligence and technologies that help farmers boost their yields. Farmers can outsource the full production team management, farm measurement, and other decision-making services to the corporation.

The startup has collaborated closely with 140 farmers in the Tamil Nadu region.

9. Fasal:

Fasal is a four-person business that was launched in 2018. Through their AI-powered horticulture platform, the firm has effectively assisted farmers in lowering cultivation expenses while also improving quality and production.

They advocate the notion of sustainable agriculture, and their solution has a significant influence on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the social, economic, and environmental realms.

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