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Top 5 Big Data Technologies in 2021

The applications of the Big Data world are developing reasonably in 2021. Find out 5 top Big Data technologies of the year.

Big data is a specialized indicator for a massive collection of data that grows massively in size and rapidly over time. Big Data Technologies are software tools that analyze, and extract data from very complex and massive data sets that standard management systems cannot handle.

Most of us are now well-versed in terminology like Cloud, Hadoop, NO-SQL, Hive, Spark, and so on. Every month, at least 20 NO-SQL databases and a slew of additional Big Data technologies emerge.

Here are 5 top Big Data technologies of 2021.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning are gaining traction in the IT industry. It is a subfield of both computer science and engineering that focuses with creating computer and machine models of human intellect. Because machines have more precision and attention to detail than people, they have a distinct edge in spotting any possible problems that humans may mistakenly ignore.

2. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming and domain-specific computer language used for database construction, manipulation, and management.

All software engineers must be familiar with SQL-based technologies such as MySQL.

To promote quicker performance, large businesses with extensive database storage beyond accessing structured data from relational databases, expertise, and experience with NoSQL databases are utilised.

3. R Programming: R is a free, open-source programming language. It is used in statistical computation, graphics and visualisation, and communication via Eclipse-based environments. R is mostly used by data miners and statisticians for data analytics and software development. A solid understanding of R, along with additional languages such as C++, C, Python, and Java, is required for all software developers working in this sector.

4. Predictive analytics is a subset of Big Data analytics that involves forecasting future behaviour and occurrences based on historical data. It is realised by the use of machine learning, statistical and mathematical modelling, data modelling, and other techniques.

Predictive analytics is a science that provides future judgments with a high degree of accuracy. Any company uses predictive analytics tools and models to extract patterns and behaviours that may occur at a specific moment.

5. Blockchain technology, which is also one of the top five Big Data technologies of the year, serves as the foundation for nearly all significant cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and others. It works by permanently organising data so that once written, it can never be removed or altered.

This technology produces a highly secure database, which is favoured in the banking, finance, securities, and insurance industries. Apart from these, due to their secure database technology, blockchain applications are gaining appeal in social welfare areas such as education and healthcare.

Big Data is still on the rise, with increasing adoptions and uses of current Big Data technologies, as well as the introduction of innovative solutions relating to Big Data security, Cloud integrations, data mining, and so on.

As you must have understood by now, the above 5 top Big Data technologies have a bright future and can provide you with significant benefits.


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