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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Torrent Pharma inks Rs.2,000 crore deal to acquire Curatio Healthcare

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited has announced it has taken over dermatology player Curatio Healthcare (I) Private Limited. The two companies have entered  a Rs.2,000 crore. definitive deal.

Torrent PharmaceuticalsLimited, located in Ahmedabad, has agreed to buy 100% of skincare manufacturerCuratio Healthcare for Rs. 2,000 crores.

Curatio, a manufacturer of skincare products, has a prominent presence in the cosmetic dermatology industry, with a portfolio of over 50 brands marketed in India.

Curatio’s portfolio includes major brands such as Tedibar,Atogla,Spoo,B4 Nappi, and Permite, all of which are listed among the top five brands in their respective markets.

Torrent Pharma and Curatio are expected to close the deal within a month.

The deal will allow Torrent Pharma to join the top ten dermatological firms and will be the market leader in cosmetic dermatology. The company will get 600 medical representatives and a distribution network of 900 stockists, as a result of this deal.

Director, Torrent Pharma, Aman Mehta, said, the deal provides his company with the potential to strengthen its dermatological position with a distinctive portfolio and is a solid strategic match.

Mehta, added, “Curatio has amassed a notable portfolio of high market share brands in cosmetic and pediatric dermatology, which we look forward to incorporating into our product offerings.”


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