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True Love Story: Groom stands by bride who had accident just before wedding

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It can be distressing to have a serious injury just before getting married. This occurred with Shatakshi, a physiotherapist who specialises in obstetrics. Her boyfriend Prateek helped her during her recuperation by giving her unwavering support.

In a now-viral video, Shatakshi, whose prominent Instagram account focuses on pregnancy and postpartum-allied information, discussed her recovery process and wedding.

In the brief video, Shatakshi revealed that after the accident, her partner visited her in the intensive care unit and provided blood for her medical needs. Additionally, he paid her daily hospital visits.

Shatakshi’s plaster was removed two months post the accident, and she then had her engagement ceremony and wedding.

During the phera ceremony, Prateek is seen scooping up Shatakshi in the wholesome video. Since it was released on April 20, her video has received more than 2,000 likes.

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