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Twitteratis urged to boycott Goibibo and MakeMyTrip; But why?

A lot of people were upset about MakeMyTrip and Goibibo recently on the social media site X, which used to be called Twitter. Users are asking for a boycott of both travel sites, and the hashtag #boycottmakemytrip quickly became popular. People have been asking people to delete the apps from their phones and there have been a lot of jokes attacking these companies. But what is the problem that is causing so much worry? We’ll keep you all up to date on the problem here.

The Delhi High Court Turned Down the PIL

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was brought to the attention of the Delhi High Court. People who work for travel companies brought up PIL because they want to protect their customers’ info. Furthermore, the High Court is said to have thrown out the PIL, stating the lack of government representation. This person was also told to take their problems to the Government of India’s Grievance Forum.

Worries About How Personal Information Is Being Used

The refusal of the PIL has been sped up by the attention of top travel companies like Goibibo and MakeMyTrip, whose users have been raising concerns about how their data could be misused.

Other travel companies, like EaseMyTrip, have also been the target of memes, which have also been seen on social media sites like X.

A BJP Official Filed the PIL Highlighting Data Security Concerns

A BJP official and lawyer named Ashwini Upadhyay filed the PIL, which has made people worried that travel companies might use Aadhaar and passport information in a bad way. It also made a point of saying that foreign travel companies don’t just collect information from regular people; they also have access to private information about well-known people like judges, government servants, ministers, and their families.

Claims Made Against Chinese Businessmen

The PIL also said that some companies doing business in India are reportedly owned by Chinese investors, which caused concerns about data security and sovereignty. Another thing is that there has been no official answer to the claims of data theft made by tour companies in the Delhi High Court.

Backlash and Calls to Action on Social Media

Because of these events, a lot of people on social media are speaking out against these travel websites and companies, telling them they want to delete the apps. Many people are upset about the backlash, which shows how worried people are about data protection and accountability in the digital age.

The Public Is Still Looking for Answers

The public is still very interested in what will happen to these travel companies and how this will affect data protection in general, and the discussion on social media sites is still going strong.


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