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Two arrested for forging fake documents in Seema Haider case

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The Noida Police took two persons into custody as they were allegedly responsible for creating bogus identification documents for Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman who entered India illegally to marry her partner, whom she met through the smartphone game PUBG.

Police apprehended the suspects, Pushpendra and Pawan, both of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, and discovered 15 counterfeit Aadhaar cards on them.

The couple had been interrogated nonstop for three days, during which time they also revealed their involvement in a larger plot involving phony papers.

The inquiry that led to their capture began when Seema Haider arrived in Greater Noida. Seema’s husband, Sachin Meena, was accompanying her. Both individuals had traveled to Bulandshahr to marry.

Pushpendra and Pawan maintained a Jan Seva Kendra (public service center) in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, which was allegedly utilized as a cover for their illegal operations. Sachin Meena and Seema Haider came to this clinic expressly to receive assistance with the papers for their marriage.

Throughout their investigation, the police acquired evidence that showed Pushpendra and Pawan were responsible for producing bogus Aadhaar cards. Along with the fraudulent documents, the police confiscated equipment that was allegedly used in the fabrication of these false cards.

During Covid-19, Pakistani 30-year-old Seema Haider fell in love with Greater Noida’s Rabupura resident Sachin Meena, 22.

Seema, who had four children with Ghulam Haider, left Pakistan and entered India illegally to be with Sachin.

After Seema converted to Hinduism, she married Sachin in Nepal in March. Her children and she entered India via Nepal on May 13.

Sachin and his father were detained on July 4 when Seema illegally entered India. Investigators questioned the pair a few days after they were freed on bail.

While working in Saudi Arabia, Seema’s ex-husband Ghulam wanted to reconcile with his family. Seema, however, wants to stay with Sachin and not return to Pakistan.


After fabricating Pakistani lady Seema Haider’s identifying documents, Noida police detained Pushpendra and Pawan. The couple met through the smartphone game PUBG and entered India illegally to marry her PUBG buddy. The cops discovered 15 counterfeit Aadhaar cards on them and seized manufacturing equipment. During Covid-19, Seema, a 30-year-old Pakistani woman, fell in love with Sachin Meena, a 22-year-old Indian guy. They entered India illegally, and Seema and his father were apprehended. Ghulam, Seema’s separated husband, is working in Saudi Arabia, but she wants to stay with him and does not want to return to Pakistan.


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