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Friday, February 23, 2024

U.S. rejects UN ceasefire resolution even as Gaza conflict escalates

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In a tense and rising Middle East scenario, the US rejected a UN Security Council draft resolution calling for an urgent Gaza ceasefire. As the Israel-Hamas confrontation escalates, humanitarian and cultural losses mount.

The UN organization for Palestinian refugees says its Gaza operations are near collapse because to rising violence. Israel’s military actions in the north and south have caused considerable destruction and hampered the agency’s ability to provide basic services.

A top Israeli official said Khan Younis military operations could last four weeks. This announcement highlights the extended and difficult conflict, raising concerns about the regional humanitarian catastrophe.

The medieval Omari Mosque, Gaza City’s largest and a symbol of the enclave, was one of the most major fatalities of the recent conflicts. The mosque was heavily damaged by an Israeli airstrike, sparking widespread anger.

Palestinian militant group Hamas stated that Israeli attacks “killed and injured” multiple prisoners. The conflict’s civilian casualties are rising.

Many UN member states and the globe assumed the ceasefire would solve the situation diplomatically. U.S. veto highlights complexity and difficulty of peacefully resolving Israel-Palestine conflict.

Concerned parties worldwide are closely monitoring the situation and urging all parties to prioritize communication and diplomacy to stop violence and safeguard crossfire victims.


Over 16,000 civilians and fighters have died in the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. High civilian losses, compounded by the IDF’s “two Palestinians for every Hamas militant” fatality ratio, raise major concerns about the attack. The breakdown of peace talks has fostered violence, emphasizing the necessity for a negotiated conclusion. The international community must act decisively to support Gazan humanitarian operations, promote peace, and raise awareness of this war’s human cost. Let us stand with the people of Palestine and demand an immediate end to their misery.


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