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Uddhab Kumar Bharali- the Serial Inventor

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An invention does not bring changes only to an inventor’s life, but to all needy people around the whole world. And when a scientist dedicates his life to inventions, for helping the people below the poverty line, then he becomes a serial inventor like Uddhab Kumar Bharali.

Uddhab Kumar Bharali belongs to a poor farmer family, who had to drop out of mechanical engineering in 1987 due to poverty as his family had a huge debt of 18 Lakhs. So, once the man couldn’t complete his education is now an inspiration for NASA scientists.

Early Education

There are few Childs who is determined and intelligent like he was. He was double-promoted twice. He is brilliant in mathematics from the beginning and was able to solve critical math problems of twelve standards despite being a student of class eight. He has finished school at the age of 14.

The List of his Inventions through the struggles

1. When he had dropped out of his college due to unfortunate financial condition, he thought to start a polythene making business to meet the debt of his house, as his two fellow engineers were working in a polythene company. To start this, he needs 5 lakhs to buy that polythene making machine which costs that much. Then he had not that much, so he took a loan of 1 lakh and made his polythene-making machine in just 67,000 rupees, which was his first-ever invention.

Since then, he did not look back as he realizes that he has the potential to innovate. Since then, he decides not only to earn money for the survival of his family and him, he committed that he will help the deprived, below-poverty line people and dedicates his whole life to goodwill.

2. His life’s most famous and important invention is the pomegranate de-seeder. This machine is very simple to use and it separates the outer covering and thin membrane of the fruit from all the seeds. This can separate the seeds of 55kgs pomegranate without damaging them in an hour with ease.

Americans were finding the solution for de-seeding pomegranate for 30 years and now he brings the solution.

3. He introduced to small farmers the mini-CTC tea plant. He always cares about farmers and wants to help them. CTC tea plant helps in preventing cancer, it causes damage to the cancer-causing cells only without harming other cells. Assam CTC tea plant is best for this purpose. Before tea pluckers get paid 9 RS. Per keg tea crop now it grows up to 20 Rs. Kg per tea crop.

Another attractive invention of Bharali is the cement brick-making machine. It is so easy to operate that anybody with physical barriers can easily use it.

4. He has invented so many agriculture machines that help our farmers, he is known as a serial inventor. Overall, he has invented various Peeler machines like Cassava Peeling machine, garlic peeling machine, coconut and betel nut peel machine, brass utensil polish machine, tobacco leaf cutter, paddy thresher, Cane stripping machine, fisheries feed, and many more.

Rewards and appreciation

He has received the deserving rewards for his innovative and helpful inventions. His invention of pomegranate de-seeder led him to enter into the race of online voting for the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal.

He was awarded President’s Grassroots Innovation Award in 2009, while he received Shristi Samman Award in 2007.

He also won the NASA Tech Create the Future Design Contest (2012-2013). He is also the winner of Rashtriya Ekta Samman in 2013 and rewarded with Padmashri.

His future projects’ and Determination

He has always been desperate to help handicapped, physically incomplete people. So, Bharali every time wants to benefit pitiful people so he declared that, he worries about the dependency of handicapped people for doing their regular activity. He is working on a toilet-chair that they can operate that with ease and don’t have to depend upon others.

He has the vision to open an unconventional orphan-old age house, Where the orphans can live, work and starts their life with new hope and old peoples can guide them. This will be a great step as children will take their proper education and old people will also be engaged with new hope.

He is a great man with a very broad mind, he decides to work for people that not so many people do these days. Today he is famous worldwide but he lives a very simple life without any luxury. People like Bharali can overcome all the obstacles of their life to fulfill their commitments.

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