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Rays Power Expert Nidhi Gupta to an enterprise worth 500 Cr.

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Nidhi Gupta, a 23-year-old girl had been facing many obstacles in her life until she successfully set up Rays Expert, a Jaipur-based Solar power plant. The business is now booming with a 500 Cr turnover.

Hey buddies, I welcome you again to the Times Applaud, Inspirational. Today, we have a true extract of an Indian middle-class girl of Rajasthan who made a business worth 500 Cr, and that’s all with no professional degree at all.

23 years is an age of development, planning for the career, shaping our personalities in different aspects. Here, Nidhi has shown the world that impossible is just a word for a positive mindset person. She transformed all her sufferings to make a prosperous life for herself.

It is said that:

Success never comes by hard labor but with smart labor. Notwithstanding several discrepancies around her, Nidhi was engrossed in her business with all her efforts.

She established her company in 2011 with the help of his brother Rahul Gupta with a mere capital of Rs. 1,37,000 on loan.

“Our first project was a 250-kilowatt solar project in Bikaner on four bighas of land. Afterward, we began purchasing land around the site.” -says Nidhi.

Initial planning was tough as many entrepreneurs face.

She has small to medium investors who wanted some benefits and rebates in their Income Tax returns and tax invoice. Rays Power buys some lands on the side of those investors and distributes them equally. She discloses her dealings about one of her clients who put a venture of 1 MW revenue of approx Rs 6 crores, he will earn his

investment back in the next four years. We likewise ensure customer income from power age for the following 25 years. This way our clients would get full profit out of their investment in addition to that they get the extra tax benefit of their business too.

The Social front of Nidhi Gupta’s life had its challenges.

Social Relationships

Her friends and relatives started feeling envious of her and this could easily be seen in their behaviors. All the people with whom she met, started jealous of her. But she did not let these things dominate her mind and be ready to do her work consistently to upgrade her Rays Power firm. She says that if you don’t give a shit to others for the sufferings they are giving you, you won’t feel those suffering. She took their deportments as stimulation to come up with better results.

She was a girl with so many wishes she had but while busy in her

start-up she did not care about those wishes anymore. Nidhi clearly states that: “There was a time I used to love riding horses but I just don’t have the time anymore.”

Assiduous Routine

Nidhi had her grip over her routine tightly. Her work was something like a never-ending slog. She and her brother, Rahul Gupta toil for the entire day. Their meetings, visiting sites, commitments for the

clients start from the early morning and end till the late night. Being in an orthodox society in Rajasthan, where women don’t go out after 7 PM, She says, “I hardly remember that I have come home before 10 PM.

After all, What is that particular thing in us which makes us so much determined towards our purpose?

Nidhi’s Background

She belongs to a middle-class family where her mother is a homemaker and her father is a government employee. Nidhi was barely fond of styling, fashion, or touring. She clearly admits in one of her interviews that she has no interest in those attractive ornaments, fashionable trends, etc.

Where does this astonishing soul come from? After all the victories, even today, She is a similar woman from inside as she was previously. She has earned her heights on the strength of her blood and sweat.

Nidhi Gupta is presently the Executive Director in Rays Power Expert Pvt. Ltd in Delhi. Her Solar Power energy business is now experiencing leverage of over 450 Megawatt (MW) of consulting portfolios. RaysExpert has been emerging as a bright star in the Solar Power Industry and has successfully stood itself as a leader commissioning 175 MW all over India. We aim to reach the

milestones of 1000 Cr. by this year. RaysExperts offer configurable power generation ready to walk-in units that enable the construction of a fully integrated solar power utility-scale power plant. These small blocks RayFarms deliver bankable PV energy at the highest tariff across the diverse regions of our country.

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