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UK to deport Indian whom the Queen commended as Covid-19 hero

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The Rotherhithe Residents Association has amassed over 177,000 signatures in favour of Vimal Pandya through an online petition.

A residents’ group in south-east London has promised to fight on after a “valued community member” praised by the late Queen’s representative for his assistance during the COVID epidemic lost a migration court fight and is now facing a deportation to his homeland India.

The Rotherhithe Residents organisation garnered almost 177,000 signatures on an online petition in favour of Vimal Pandya, who came on a student visa to the United Kingdom from India but was left stranded after his educational institution lost its licence to accept international students.

The 42-year-old recently lost an immigration tribunal case and is thought to be in contact with his attorneys about next steps.

Pandya, who came to the UK from India to study in 2011, was denied making a re-entry following returning home in the April month of 2014 to accompany a seriously sick relative back to her parents.

The UK Border Force informed him that the college where he was joined had mislaid its right to backing, but neither the Home Office nor the college had informed him of about this.

Then, without access to his original passport and other documentation, he had an uphill battle in resolving the problem. Since then, he has spent thousands of pounds seeking to obtain legal status and complete his degree, on top of thousands of pounds in wasted education fees and a mounting debt load.

During the epidemic, Pandya worked as a neighbourhood shopkeeper, sacrificing “every waking hour” to ensuring individuals in self-isolation during the national lockdown had regular food and vital supplies.

Sir Kenneth Olisa, Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, recognised him for his community work and wrote to him in February last year on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, thanking him for his exceptional efforts.

The local member of Parliament for Bermondsey and Old Southwark in London, Neil Coyle, testified at a recent hearing eloquently in behalf of Pandya but the judge highlighted that the tribunal was bound by “the rules that are written rather than the perspective of one MP”.

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