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Unlock the secrets to healthy hair: 10 common mistakes to avoid

The majority of us are relatively devoted to our hair. We prefer to try every available solution in order to seem our greatest. But did you know that a lot of us inadvertently make blunders that hurt rather than improve our hair? Unknowingly, we may adopt several hair habits in our hair care regimen that might harm our beautiful and voluminous locks. While it is true that the hair requires special care and products, good hair care begins with understanding what you shouldn’t do. Check out list of certain things that you should never do to your hair.

The Top 10 Mistakes for Hair Care to Avoid:

Avoid over brushing or combing your hair:

Brushing your hair often will only make it weaker, additional disposed to breakage, and also oilier. It just takes 8-9 strokes by means of having a wide-toothed hair brush or comb to disentangle the knots.

Choosing the incorrect brush or comb:

It takes some trial and error, but once you find the tool that works best for you, sticks with it. The general rule of thumb is that the width of the brush should increase as the hair length increases. Select a comb with wide, soft bristles that is anti-static. Split ends may result from jagged edges. Paddle brushes are ideal for tangle-prone hair.

Alternating between over-shampooing and under-shampooing:

Less shampooing is usually desirable since it keeps grime at away while also preserving oil balance. Hair strands are destroyed and hair follicles are clogged when they are not washed. It is enough to shampoo your hair every third day.

Hair dryer use over lengthy periods of time:

Hair dryers are a godsend, especially in the winter or when you’re rushing to leave the house. However, using a hair dryer excessively will only harm your hair in the long run. The drier is useful for eliminating excess moisture from wet hair, but on dry hair, you are only removing the moisture that is already present. To keep healthy hair, just lower the settings of your hair dryer.

How to style wet hair:

Hair is weakest while damp, so wait until it has dried a little before using a dryer and styling products on it. The finest way to have hair styled is to just air dry it. Before you begin styling, ensure your hair is no less than 80 percent dry. Style everything from beginning to end while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Inappropriate use of the hair product:

When you use a hair product then read the labels carefully. Shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for the strands and tips, and hair serum is for the hair. Different products are needed for different scalp conditions. If not sure, get the suitable guidance from your trichologist.

Brushes, Combs, and other styling tools should be cleaned on a regular basis:

Oils, grime, and dirt may easily accumulate on hair tools, and the residue might end up in your hair. As a consequence, wash the combs and brushes as a minimum once a week and replace them after a few months of use. Unsanitary hair equipment can cause scalp infections.

Open-haired sleeping:

Sleeping with your hair open will result in badly frizzy, knotted, and hard-to-tame hair in the early morning. Top knot or Braid your hair before going to bed; your hair will thank you in the morning.

Lack of a healthy diet:

Although it is not specifically related to hair, eating poorly can harm your hair in the long run. To have a healthy hair, then eat a balanced and proper diet that is quite rich in minerals and vitamins.

Leaving damp hair in while sleeping:

Sleeping in company of damp hair will just cause it to rub alongside your pillow more. You will have to work really hard in the morning to untangle your hair because wet hair has a tendency to turn into frizzy by morning.


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