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UnMath School- Making Math Fun & Exciting!

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When asked about the meaning of the brand’s name, Raashi Bathija, co-founder of UnMath School, articulated beautifully. “Undoing the way Math has traditionally been taught.” She contends, if she had the opportunity to unlearn the way she studied math in school, and restart the UnMath way, it would have been possible for her to fall in love with the subject, where learning is done through games and fun programmes. 

With mentoring over 10,000 teachers and over 50,000 children in their efforts to change the image of mathematics around the world, the goal of UnMath School is to build creative math spaces in schools across the globe.

We are all aware that Math is regarded as the most boring or mundane subject. With the rush of solving problems, without even realising the significance and their application in the real world, you find yourself struggling to grasp the subject in a way you don’t really prefer, but you still do as it is the conventional method of learning.

UnMath School encourages you to explore and experience math in ways that will help you develop major skills such as decision making, problem solving, and design thinking.

“Math is a problem-solving and decision-making methodology. Given the current situation, where many children use calculators, we do not believe that human calculators are required. We require individuals who can analyse the data, make decisions based on it, and ensure that children learn to interpret concepts”. Says Raashi Bathija, Co-founder of UnMath School. 

Math is known to be a complex subject because everything is established in advance. It is theorized that you will never feel the phenomenal adrenaline rush of breakthrough that you would when studying a subject like science. People believe it is just about numbers & equations and how they work together. UnMath School is here to break that stereotype. “With the mission of busting the monotony that surrounds Mathematics and digging up its beauty and creative side by going beyond textbooks. We , we want to build a creative Math space and a variety of Math-based experiences”. Says , saysDivesh Bathija, Co-founder of UnMath School.

Nurturing individuals who do not associate Math with more than just numbers, but who appreciate and recognise the beauty and relevance of the subject in their daily lives, Unmath (M is capital as well) School continues to soar to new heights owing to the excellent results it obtains and provides, to schools and children.

That being said, UnMath School provides exceptional teaching methods to both schools and students. Unmath district, for example, recreates the entire experience of delivering math lessons in the school by creating meaningful experiences for students. 

In addition to Corporate Math, a programme that connects industry and academia, UnMath School also offers Professional Development for teachers, which aids in the creation of innovative Math-based experiences that can be used to transform Math classrooms. 

When it comes to providing UnMath School for their students, they offer programmes such as Math Clinic, which assist students in overcoming the phobia that develops as they progress through the grades. 

While storytelling can be an effective strategy, UnMath School also provides a programme for students called Math Story, which assists them in expanding their mathematical thinking and boost boosting their creativity.

The programmes and methods of learning presented here, clearly defines the beliefs of the UnMath School team, one part of which revolves around making math fun and to help students enjoy the learning process.

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