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Unveiling the mystery behind men’s low libido and its treatment

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Low libido or sex desire in males can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including medical and psychological problems. Read out some of the reasons why guys may have poor sex desire.

One out of every five males suffers from low libido owing to a variety of factors such as stress or hormone imbalances, which cause them to avoid sexual engagement. Yet, occasionally a loss of sexual desire is an indication of a more serious problem. Men’s decreased sex drive is usually related to sadness, stress, inebriation, illicit substance use, and fatigue.

These are a few reasons why guys may have low sex drive:


Stress can lower testosterone levels and impair sexual desire. When a person is preoccupied by a scenario or under significant mental stress, his sexual drive falls.

Hormone imbalances:

According to Dr.Caranj S.V., concerns such as low testosterone levels can contribute to reduced sex desire. Men with hypogonadism are determined to deal with the issue of low testosterone levels, which are believed to be less than 300 ng/dl. Some males have little desire for sexual activities.


Certain drugs, such as anti depressants and blood pressure meds, might have adverse effects that diminish sex drive. Men who get radiation treatments or chemotherapy for cancer, as well as athletes who use anabolic steroids, experience diminished sex drive.

Bad living habits:

A poor diet, a lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol use, and drug use can all contribute to low sex desire. Additionally, if sufficient sleep and rest are not obtained, this produces issues and low sex drive.

Relationship problems: ​

Relationship problems, such as communication problems or unsolved disagreements, might lower sexual desire.

The following are some solutions to decreased sex drive in men:

Managing stress: Discovering techniques to control stress, such as via exercise, meditation, or counselling, can aid in the improvement of sex drive.

Adopting a better way of life: Smoking cessation, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a reduction in alcohol and drug usage can all assist enhance sex drive.

Taking care of hormonal imbalances: “If low testosterone levels are the problem,” says Dr.Caranj, “hormone replacement treatment may be required.”

Taking care of relationship problems: Focusing on communication difficulties and resolving disputes with a partner might assist boost sexual desire.

Changing medications: If drug side effects are the problem, a replacement medicine may be required.

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