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Uorfi Javed Opens Up About Bad Experience on TV Sets: ‘Treated Like Animals’

Famous for her candid style, Uorfi Javed recently made news when she discussed how poorly performers are treated on TV sets. Uorfi joins a growing list of performers who have openly discussed the demanding and difficult work culture in television. During her conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Uorfi discussed the treatment of non-main performers on TV sets, saying, “It is really hard if you are not a lead actor. They are not kind to you at all. They act really inappropriately on some sets. The way they treat you is like they are treating animals. There are some awful production companies.

Uorfi said something startling while talking about her experience: “I was in a very poor situation working in TV. In any case, I was a supporting figure. I cried a lot because of them.”

In the same interview, Uorfi, who shot to popularity after competing on Bigg Boss OTT and left the program after just one week said she wouldn’t want to return to the show, saying, “I don’t think I will go to Bigg Boss now.” It was a really profitable chance. Although everything got started after that, for which I am really grateful to the creators and thankful that I had the chance, I don’t think I could do it again.”

Since joining the industry, Uorfi has created waves, and at this point, she is unstoppable.

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