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US police arrest woman wanted for stealing Honda Amaze she took for test drive

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Car dealerships allow you to take a vehicle on a test drive if you want to buy it. But it’s extremely wrong to take advantage of that by not returning the car you had taken for a test drive. This is what is called car theft which can land you behind bars. That’s what a woman who was wanted for stealing a dealership’s Honda Amaze after taking it for a test drive has learnt.

The Florida woman has been identified and taken into custody after police shared her pictures on social media.

After an investigation was conduction, Clearwater police said they had taken custody of the woman, who had her hair dyed.

Police had earlier stated that a woman in Clearwater did not return a car she took for a test drive.

Investigators released a photo of the woman as part of their grand theft investigation.

On August 2, the suspect entered a showroom to test drive a 2018 Honda Accord.

Before departing in the car, the woman showed her ID to the personnel.

Fortunately, the automobile was found by police on August 4.

According to authorities, she may have received a man’s help.

Police released a photograph of a man who accompanied her to the dealership.

Investigators also shared a photo of their automobile, which appeared to be a Nissan, which they drove to the dealership.

The woman, who was later identified as 43-year-old Johna Lamont, has now been put behind bars.

Lamont was detained by Clearwater Police on suspicion of grand theft auto and plotting to defraud.

According to police, Lamont went for a test drive in a 2018 Honda Accord last Monday and never returned.

A few days later, authorities recovered the stolen automobile.

Authorities flooded social media with images of Lamont and a potential collaborator.

Her mug shot shows her with significantly darker hair, indicating that she changed her hair colour.

She is being detained in the Pinellas County Jail on a bond of $15,000.

Stealing motor vehicles that the US also calls grand theft theft is a crime of robbing or trying to steal a car. A person can face serious trouble with the law, if convicted of  theft or joyriding. The consequences include a prison sentenc, a criminal record, and a fine.

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