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“Use Heart, Know Heart”: All you need to know about World Heart Day 2023

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Every September 29, the medical fraternity raises awareness of heart disease and prevention methods on World Heart Day. It is a global, multilingual campaign that enables people to manage their health and raises heart health awareness. This year, consider how to use the heart emoji. World Heart Day reminds everyone to take care of their hearts, and this year’s campaign stresses understanding our hearts first.


Every September 29, World Heart Day raises awareness of cardiovascular diseases, their prevention, and their global impact.


WHF and WHO founded World Health Day in 1999. From 1997 to 2011, WHF president Antoni Bayés de Luna proposed an annual event. World Heart Day began on September 24, 2000, the last Sunday of September.


According to the World Heart Federation, “World Heart Day reminds people that CVD, including heart disease and stroke, is the world’s leading cause of death, taking 18.6 million lives annually, and highlights ways to prevent and control CVD.” It educates people that reducing cigarette use, poor diet, and inactivity can prevent 80% of heart disease and stroke deaths.


This year’s World Heart Day theme is “Use Heart, Know Heart”. Use and know how to use love emoji since visual language is part of our daily lives and emojis are one of the most popular ways to keep attention and overcome linguistic barriers, especially among younger generations.


To prevent and control heart disease, communities focus on smoking cessation, regular exercise, healthy eating, and stress management on this day. Some healthcare facilities offer free or cheap heart health screenings and check-ups to measure risk, while others, governments, and non-profits organize awareness programs and events to teach people about heart disease risk factors and healthy lifestyles.

Activists use heart health hashtags on social media, advocate for tobacco and unhealthy food regulations, and hold educational sessions and workshops on the importance of a balanced diet, salt and sugar reduction, and heart-healthy food choices. Walkathons, bicycle competitions, and fitness classes promote heart health on World Heart Day.


World Heart Day, a multinational campaign, raises awareness of heart disease and prevention on September 29. The World Heart Federation (WHF) and WHO founded it in 1999, and the first celebration occurred on September 24, 2000.

World Heart Day highlights that cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and stroke kill most people globally. The program raises awareness of tobacco, food, and inactivity, which could save 80% of heart disease and stroke deaths.

The topic this year is “Use Heart, Know Heart,” or how to use the love emoji, as younger generations prefer visual communication. Smoking cessation, regular exercise, good nutrition, and stress management are promoted on World Heart Day to prevent and control heart disease.

Health organizations, governments, and non-profits promote heart disease risk factors and healthy habits through campaigns and events. Promoting heart health on World Heart Day through advocacy, social media hashtags, educational sessions and workshops, walkathons, cycling activities, and fitness programs.


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