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How to use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day

Is your phone a source of sleeplessness or can you become a morning person with  it? Learn to use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day.

Is there anything more dismal than waking up to the sound of your alarm clock?
You’re not alone if you despise waking up. Many people have become reformed late-morning sleepers, and many more still struggle to get out of bed on time.

Is your smartphone capable of assisting you in becoming a morning person? Is it the thing that keeps you up at night?

Starting your day on the right foot is the most certain method to avoid losing steam throughout the morning, at least until noon

Here’s how you can use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day.

Get to Bed on Time: It’s true—the greatest way to set yourself up for success the next morning is to get a head start the night before. The ideal time to go to bed will change for each individual, but regardless of your nocturnal and morning routine, you should aim for seven to eight hours of sleep.

For sleep management, we recommend the Sleep Cycle app, which tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night using your microphone. This software can help you establish your optimum wake-up routine by tracking your sleep schedule and analysing your habits A little more information could assist you figure out why you’re exhausted in the morning.

Wake Up Early: If we had to pick the best piece of advice from this list, it would be this.
An early start just means you have more time to shine. We definitely don’t need to tell you this, but if you have trouble waking up early on a regular basis, there are numerous inventive alarm applications available for download. It seeks to wake you up during your lightest sleep in the morning by monitoring your sleep cycles throughout the night. Again, obtaining enough sleep will help you tremendously in this attempt. Good habits take time to develop, but the effort will be well worth it.

Ignore Your Phone: The optimal morning routine is one that is as devoid of distractions as possible. Your phone is the worst culprit when it comes to distracting you as soon as you get up, with its emails, notifications, news headlines, and social network updates.

To have a truly enjoyable morning, limit your use of your smartphone.

Activate Your Body: Morning exercise can be as simple as a stretching routine or as strenuous as a regular jog around the block. Regular exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body, mind, emotions, and even intelligence.

Nourish Thyself: A good breakfast every morning is essential for providing you with the energy you need to perform at your best. We have a fantastic variety of healthy cooking apps for you to test. Make your breakfast the night before to save time the next morning.

Homemade croissants, hash browns, and chia seed pudding parfaits are all excellent ways to start the day off right.

7. Begin a Daily Journaling Practice: Committing to writing a daily journal entry, either on paper or using one of the many journaling templates available online, is one of the most effective ways to grow yourself as a person.

If you prefer a digital notebook, here are some wonderful journaling applications and websites to consider: Penzu, Write.as, and Reflectly are a few examples.

An early-morning ritual is the ideal time to review your daily affirmations, go over your to-do list, or simply express thanks for everything great in your life. Start a morning routine in this way for a great day during which you will do your best.


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