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V Guard founder built multi-crore business from 400-sqft shack, 4 employees

KochousephChittilappilly founded V Guard Industries in Kochi in a 400-square-foot shack with four employees.

According to Forbes magazine, starting with a seed capital of $ 1,500, V Guard Industries has established a massive empire worth $ 1.2 billion (net value) four decades later.

Kochouseph was placed 1867th on the list of billionaires in 2018. (India). It now has manufacturing plants in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttaranchal, and Himachal Pradesh. Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, sales of refrigerators and television sets were brisk in Kerala.

V Guard Industries’ sales turnover is Rs 3,498 crore in 2021-22, more than four decades later. V Guard stabiliser demand had peaked.

Yet he understood he needed to broaden his product offering to stay up with the competitors and the ever-changing market. This product versatility allowed him to not only keeps his footing in the voltage stabiliser industry, but also to grow into new territory and categories.

Therefore, in 1995, V Star Creations began as a ready-to-wear ethnic clothing maker before expanding into innerwear and lifestyle items for men, women, and children. V Star’s revenue was Rs 142 crore as of March 2022. When he was named to the Forbes list in 2018, he realised that the success of his firm was dependent on adequate succession planning.

Despite the fact that India is the world’s largest producer of family businesses, many have simmered and burned for decades owing to family disagreements and quarrels. Fortunately, the succession plans for the Chittilappilly businesses were firmly and fairly in place.

With his two sons MithunChittilappilly and ArunChittilappilly currently involved in the business, Kochouseph serves as the family’s grand old adviser and Chairman Emeritus.

Kochouseph has carved out a new domain for himself in the last phases of his active commercial ventures: Veegaland Homes. He is contentedly managing the family business’s real estate division, which has a turnover of Rs 135 crore.

Similarly, if not more importantly, he has committed the last part of his life to philanthropic and social activities for the general population. He established the Chittilappilly Foundation, a family trust that provides medical assistance to the economically disadvantaged and builds tiny dwellings for the poor.

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