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Vandana Sharma: Nurturing the Power of Healing to Achieve Absolute Wellness

‘The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of God’s love’. Vandana Sharma, Founder, Sekhem Healing Centre Pvt. Ltd. is on one such spiritual journey of healing others accompanied by God’s love and great divine powers. Vandana is known as a spiritual being of divine intelligence, divine love & divine power and with such divinity, she has been able to connect with her higher soul and God. The superwoman of the 21st Century is the inventor of the most powerful healing technique in the world – The Power of Powers. She is deeply connected with her divine powers through which she adds meaning to the lives of others and emanates light & love across the world.

A business tycoon and a self-learned healing professional, Vandana is also the inventor of SaEnergy Astrology and SaEnergy Vastu, which is the unique and most advanced astrology and Vastu science in the world. Sekhem Healing Centre is the biggest example of her distinctive healing powers and over the years she has been transforming and healing thousands of lives through her extraordinary services. A miraculous healer, she is on a mission to spread love & equality between humans.

Vandana is the true avatar of Power Of Powers, she is powerful and naturally inspires female empowerment. She is an amazing woman who is dedicated to her work and her healing is like a magical experience for every client. The daughter of Power of Powers is an inspiration for many such women who are capable of changing the world. “There is nothing that a woman cannot do”, says Vandana. In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur, Vandana shares her real-life experiences, the motivation behind her journey, and many astonishing incidents. Let’s hear it from her.

When did you realize that you are bestowed with divine healing powers? What motivated you to establish Sekhem Healing?

Since the very beginning, I have been keen to find the real purpose of my life. I had many problems related to my health including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Hernia, Hypothyroidism, Low Blood Pressure, and Heart problem, in addition to acute calcium and Vitamin B12 deficiency inspite of taking high doses of calcium every day. Also I had severe allergy with Vit.B12 tablets and supplements, so was unable to replenish it. One day, while meditating I felt an extremely powerful energy surge into my body. I was able to interact with the Power Of Powers- The most powerful and the purest form of Divine energy in the universe, and heal myself of all the diseases. I was able to heal my problem of Hernia without any medication or surgery and my deficiencies also got replenished automatically by this power. I believe I have been bestowed with the power & blessings of The Supremest Divine Energy in this Universe – The Power Of Powers. This interaction with the Power of Powers was a life-changing event in my life. The compassion towards all living beings and the desire to spread happiness everywhere motivated me to establish Sekhem Healing Centre. Ever since then, I have been leading multiple programs & services and healing people of their miseries & diseases.

Throw some light on the Power of Powers technique developed by Sekhem Healing Centre. How does it help individuals improve their life?

Power of Powers is an energy healing technique where we channel the divine energy of God to heal others. It is a unique intervention of science. In a very short span of time, I have been able to heal more than 18000 people across the globe. I have been able to touch the lives of many serious patients and cure them of cancer, autism, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, OCD, Alzheimer’s disease, thalassemia, and heart issues. My divine powers have even helped in reviving brain-dead persons and bringing comma patients into consciousness. I am capable of changing weather and saving people from floods and hurricanes. I have not only healed people from illness but also changed the fortune of many businessmen & stock market dealers. The Power of Powers is a limitless science that has helped me to achieve success in all my healing processes. It has also given me the power to travel time and heal past or future ailments.

What kind of programs and services do you provide to your clients?

We provide a unique and highly scientific approach to healing. We consider our clients as our family and so we have a special support system in place adhering to all their needs. We have multiple services and programs for all age groups like SuperKid/SuperHuman Program, SuperPowerBusiness Program, SuperPowerBusiness Accelerator Program, SuperSportsPerson Program, SuperPowerInvestor Program, Employee Engagement Program, Upgradation of Business Program, Fulfillment of Desires, One-to-One Healing Session, Distance Healing Session, Past Life Detailing & Healing Session, Meditation Programs, the Art of Self-Motivation program, Superkids Workshop, and Upgradation of Lifestyle program, to name a few. These services are led by our highly efficient & powerful healers. I help our clients to develop a special bond with the divine to receive the best results. We lead the philosophy of being transparent & honest with our clients. We provide every person who is connected to us with lifelong support.

Can you share a few incidents that act as the milestones of Sekhem Healing Centre?

I believe I am capable of doing anything with my divinity which is beyond any science of the universe. During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to revive more than 7000 COVID patients from their death beds. Another astonishing incident took place when a Blind lady came to me and she got her eyesight back. Also, a nine years old boy came to my center. He was incapable of speaking since birth. I was able to restore his speaking abilities and help him lead a normal life. The motto of my services is to bring a smile to every face of this planet.

What has been the driving force throughout your journey of healing others?

The realization that I am blessed with the power to do something for others, heal them, and bring joy into their lives is the supreme driving force of my journey. I lead a simple philosophy in my life, to use the purest form of power to transform the lives of others.

Tell us about your NGO, The Power of Powers foundation and how does it helps in building a better life for all living beings?

I have recently started an NGO – Power of Powers Foundation to reach as many people as I can to help them in their need. The plan is to carry out CSR activities with corporates and help people in every aspect. My NGO has helped people with food, shelter, clothes, and medicines. I believe in equality and therefore we focus on providing special education for girl child. Women empowerment is one of my main agendas. We have fulfilled the dream of many parents who are unable to conduct marriages of their girl child, and we also take care of orphans, leprosy patients, and destitute children. Moreover, we also take care of cows and stray animals and make arrangements to feed them.

What would be your empowering message for every woman who is aspiring to be an entrepreneur?

Women are bestowed with limitless powers; they must know how to channel those powers to build a better life for themselves & others. I would advise them to be confident and have faith in their powers. We at our Power of Powers foundation try to reach out to every woman who is in need of support & guidance. A woman is capable of achieving everything and I am a big example of the same. I had faith in my powers which has made me the leader of multiple businesses and a group of companies.     

Key Management 

Vandana Sharma, Founder & Chairperson, Sekhem Healing Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Known as the daughter of Power of Powers, Vandana Sharma is an energy healing specialist. She has revived people from many diseases and aspires to spread happiness across the globe through her divine powers.     

Awards & Recognition:

1. Emerging Business Icon Award presented by the Governor of Rajasthan Mr. Kalraj Mishra,.

2. Featured in The Business Tycoon Magazine,

3. Extraordinary Contribution in Health, Healing, Wellness Award 2022 in Dubai, Also recognized with the Leadership Award,

4. ET & Navbharat Times recognised me as a “Change Maker” for my extraordinary contribution in the field of healing, health & wellness. This award was presented by the renowned Singer Mr. Kumar Sanu.

5. Received International Excellence Award 2022 in association with Brand Icon as “The Most Powerful Energy Healer In The World” and was presented by renowned Actor and Philanthropist Mr. Sonu Sood.

6. I have also been featured in NBC, CBS, Fox, ZEE Business, Rajasthan Patrika, The Wellness Ambassador Podcast, Dainik Bhaskar, First India, First India News, Samachar Jagat, Mahanagar Times, Gift Of Healing TV Podcast,  Dainik Navjyoti, Times Ascent, Economic Times, Times Now Navbharat, ED Times, Lokmat Times, First India, UNI India, Jio News, Daily Hunt, Asian News, Entrepreneur View, Republic News Today, UP18 News, iSlumped, ScoopHot, News Networks, Best News Journal, Financial News Day and many more…


Website – www.sekhemhealingcentre.com


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