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Mumbai’s Venture Catalysts became India’s major investor by closing 207 deals in 2021

Venture Catalysts has become one of the major investors in India. This is the second year that the Group is being counted among the Top 10 global most active accelerators and incubators.

While India’s startup ecosystem has offered new entrepreneurs the opportunity to pursue their goals, it has also brought forth various startup developers who supply these emerging enterprises with funding, knowledge, and networks to help them flourish.

Venture Catalysts (VC), founded in 2016 by Dr Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Anil Jain, Anuj Golecha, and Gaurav Jain, has been working relentlessly to provide these resources to entrepreneurs. The Venture Catalysts Group has doubled its growth this year and emerged as India’s top investor, having invested in 178 new businesses in 2021. India’s first comprehensive incubator invests between $250,000 and $1.5 million in early-stage firms with long-term growth potential.

Aside from providing entrepreneurs with continuous cash from funds, investor networks, Tier I founders, and CXOs, the sector-agnostic group also co-invests with major VCs such as Sequoia Surge and others. In fact, Venture Catalysts has democratized the process of investing in startups in the country, with a focus on building the ecosystem in smaller Indian towns and cities.

For the second year in a row, the organisation has been named one of the top ten global most active accelerators and incubators.

With 207 concluded deals in 2021, Venture Catalysts is only second behind YCombinator, which has 841 consolidated deals.

Dr. Apoorva comments on the milestone, saying, “The pandemic has created several holes in service delivery that are being supplied by entrepreneurs.”

We see a significant blue-ocean opportunity in assisting such enterprises in their early stages of development. Given the stage of investment, the valuations assist us in realising profitable exits, so contributing significantly to our company’s growth.

The most notable investments for the year, according to the investment firm, included BluSmart, Klub, Dukaan, Melorra, Kala Gato, and others. Deeptech, B2B SaaS, fintech, insurtech, F&B, healthtech, and media were the most heavily invested in industries.

Dr. Apoorva spoke on the vision of of taking over various industries, saying “Venture Catalysts  will keep investing in sectors such as fintech, Edutech, agritech, FMCG, e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain management.”

Dr. Apoorva, added, “Deeptech is another field in which Venture Catalysts is optimistic since businesses will continue to operate online in the post-pandemic environment.”


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