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How Anurag’s venture of waste management is generating crore every year.

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Anurag belongs to Finance background and he started a venture of waste management to do something. The idea worked and he earns in crores now. 

With the increase in population, heaps of garbage are also increasing in every part of our country. This is a big reason to worry. We need someone to take initiative in this direction and start waste management in the right manner. Anurag Tiwari recognized this problem as an opportunity to create profit. You can see that earlier these heaps of garbage were only in the outskirts of the cities but now you can find them in the internal parts as well.

Dirt and pollution are putting a serious threat to the ecosystem. The spread of epidemic disease is becoming very common which is very harmful for the young generation and other people as well. We must take a step forward and do something for cleanliness.

Waste management business

Anurag Tiwari started a new company, which manages the garbage. This waste management company is working with great efficiency. The name of this company is Rekart. It is also associated with Municipal Corporation. It is working for the recycling of garbage. Employees of the company go to the doorstep of the General public.

Anurag belongs to Kurukshetra of Haryana. I started working for Bharti Airtel after the completion of his graduation. He worked there for 2 years. But he was never satisfied because he wanted to do something extraordinary in his life. He went to his friend Rishabh Bhatia.

Starting advertising

Both friends started advertising Enterprise and it worked very well. The turnover of their firm reached 5 to 10 crore per annum. But he still wanted to do something more. He wanted to earn nearly 100 crores per annum. He was dedicated to his dream. So he came up with new ideas and started working for waste management to earn more.

During his routine day, he was going to Gurgaon from Faridabad. He noticed an unusual hill of garbage on the roadside. He noticed and found that most of the garbage was recyclable. Hair an idea of recycling business came to his mind. He thought it would be a great way to clean the city and do waste management for the city properly. This way he can do both things simultaneously.

Transforming idea into reality  

He transformed his idea into reality and discussed everything with his friends Rishabh and Venkatesh. Both friends agreed to join him in his venture of waste management and recycling. They winded up the advertisement company, formed the new company, and named it Rekart. This company started working by the collection of waste material. The company covers 25 lacs home of Delhi. This company also covers nearly 50 Apartments of Gurgaon.

Expansion of company

Gradually the size of the company increased and now they have turnover which is 15 crore Rupees. However, they are putting their heart and soul to make this company successful. More than 11 employees are working with them at present on the company’s payroll. Anurag has mentioned that waste material management can be done in two methods. First, we need to divide the waste material into categories viz. dry waste material and wet waste material.


They are sending dry waste material for recycling and wet waste material to generate electricity and urea. He has also helped to improve the quality of garbage collectors and junk dealers who are working with him. Garbage collectors were only able to make a hundred or 200 rupees in a day through their waste management methods. Now they can make nearly 700 rupees per day. This is bringing a considerable change in the life of junk dealers as well. Nearly a hundred junk dealers are attached and many good reforms are there in their life.

Anurag is quite concerned about collection, transportation, recycle, and proper waste management. Many types of materials are included in it. The material, which they prefer to manage, includes plastic cardboard metal and biometric waste as well. Consumers can also give them a call for the collection of waste.

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