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Google Task mate – A new place to find employment

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Google company is working with its new app – Task Mate. Soon it will be available for everyone. You can find a task and complete it to earn. 

The app, Task mate of Google is working in the direction of helping users to find the particular paid task and complete it through their Smartphone. The technology giant company Google is testing its new application namely Task Mate in India. This app work on a mechanism where it allows the users to work on the various tasks is on the app.

Source of info – Task mate

The information about the app was first published on 9to5google citing a Reddit post. This is a beta version and Google is running this particular application on a trial basis with some selected tester. At this moment, the application is only accessible for the selected users who possess the necessary referral code to run Task Mate.

However, you can see the application visible in the Google play store. This means that if you do not have the referral code there is no benefit to download it because you will not be able to use it. The company has given in the notifications that soon this particular app will be able for the general users.

Working methods of app

The app, Task mate is working in a mechanism where the nearby business houses will be attaching. With the application, they will try to get their various tasks done by the users. This means that nearby business houses will be posting their tasks. So, they can complete their work at the right time without any complication. Now you must be wondering about the type of tasks that are being posted on the application for completion. Well, the tasks, divided into various categories. In this Task Mate beta app, by Google, you will be getting various tasks as per your capacity and ability to complete.

Understand work example 

You can understand by taking the example that someone wants you to click the photo of a nearby restaurant. Or someone wants you to complete a particular survey about some products or services. Furthermore, this can include very simple tasks. For example, to translate a sentence from English to any other language.

Google has given more insight into the working method on their Task Mate app by sharing examples of work. They said that users could work in two different methods viz. Field Tasks, Sitting Tasks. The users will make the choice and they can choose to skip the tasks if they are not feeling comfortable with it. The best part about working with the app is that users can complete the tasks from anywhere.

Payment methods

No doubt, The Task mate app will be generating good employment opportunities for everyone. Giving them a chance to earn from their geographical locations as well. On the completion of the task, users will be able to get payment in the local currency as well. They will need to have a third-party payment processor as the terms of application.

Task Mate will have some payment partners. When the users are ready to take out their earned money in a local currency, they need to share the details of an e-wallet or account. The cash-out button is there on every profile page; the users need to hit the button to start the transaction. As per the descriptions says this is as easy as doing a transaction on the other applications.

Coming soon

The application, Task mate is running on its trail basis. At present, only the selected users are there who are using a referral code. We hope that soon this application will be available in the market. This is certainly going to be good news for those who prefer to find suitable work on their smartphone.

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