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Virtual care clinic startup Midi Health gets $14M to expand across the U.S.

A US-based startup that provides a virtual care clinic, Midi Health, has secured $14 million in a seed funding round. Among other things, the company will use the money to expand operations across the U.S.

A startup that is based in San Francisco, CA-based and provides a virtual care clinic, Midi Health, has secured $14M in a seed funding round.

Midi Health, led by CEO Joanna Strober, is a complete virtual care clinic for women experiencing the midlife hormonal shift. The organization provides professional treatment as well as hormonal and non-hormonal drugs, vitamins, lifestyle coaching, and important preventative health advice to women.

Midi provides evidence-based solutions ranging from lifestyle counseling to supplements to prescription pharmaceuticals, all of which are reimbursed by major insurance companies such as Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Blue Shield, Health Net, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare. Midi presently delivers insurance-covered therapy to California residents.

The seed funding round was jointly led by Felicis and SemperVirens. The round had the participation of  Emerson Collective, Operator Collective, Icon Ventures, Muse Capital, Steel Sky Ventures, and Anne and Susan Wojcicki.

The funding will be used to expand operations across the U.S. and form collaborations with some of the top hospital systems in the country.

Midi co-founder and CEO Joanna Strober said, “Our healthcare system has a significant unmet need for women at this stage of life. Many practitioners lack the necessary knowledge to treat menopausal symptoms, and specialists have nine to twelve-month waiting lists. We give access to the most qualified female health providers.”


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