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VMAS ASIA to grow further in India with regional OTT platform

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There was a time when a whole family in Indian homes gathered around the television on Sunday to watch a feature film on Doordarshan. The autonomous public service broadcaster founded by the Indian government, Doordarshan, was at that time the sole provider of entertainment in India. But today, the way each member of a family wants to be entertained has changed. Every family member can now separately watch what each of them wants or prefers. This is because of technological developments in the world of entertainment and the evolution of over-the-top (OTT) platform.

Through the OTT platform, television and film content is provided over the internet at the request and to meet the demands of the individual consumer. An OTT service refers to any type of video or streaming media that allows a viewer to access Movie, Series or Shows by sending the media content directly through the internet.

Upcoming OTT Platform to provide regional content for growth further in India 

VMAS ASIA, which is an upcoming OTT platform, is now looking to grow further in India. The company is ready to launch its regional OTT platform in the third quarter of the current financial year.

The company aims to provide “high value entertaining package” at not only the global but also the regional level. VMAS ASIA is now set for the regional OTT application launch, with an aim to attract more viewers to its platform. 

Head Creative & Content Acquisition, Mrs. Sunita RV, says ‘Our team is almost ready with high value entertaining package to the regional audience of MAHARSHTRA – PUNJAB & WEST BENGAL.”

VMAS ASIA to launch new platform for Maharashtrians viewers 

VMAS ASIA is due to launch, VMAS MARATHI, the company’s first installment of regional entertainment. Through this launch, the company is looking to attract Marathi content lovers to its platform.

A regional language OTT platform, VMAS MARATHI, will provide loads of content in the marathi language, the state language of Maharashtra, India. The content will include FEATURE FILMS, SHOWS, WEB SERIES, and SHORTS in Marathi language.

The action plan is to entertain the local regional audience and attract authentic audience to the VMAS ASIA OTT platform.

The brand launch of VMAS MARATHI took place at a very successful event at JW MARRIOT HOTEL – PUNE, on March 11, 2021. This was the sole brand launch of any regional OTT platform.

VMAS ASIA will offer VMAS MARATHI as a single account multi device feature on its platform with respective subscription packages. 

The company says, ”The State of Art Technology with high defines streaming with hybrid optima ion will give a world class streaming experience to our audience. We are not the first of our kind but truly will stay for longer in a sustainable manner in the growing market of entertainment. With the tag line “THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT” we have work harder & smarter to grab seeking all type of content which will make our audience feel that they are onboard in ‘the world of entertainment. Taking a glance from the acquisition team it is very clear that TEAM VMAS is very focus and coping with the pace to get launch in a very strategic and successful manner.”

Manish Solanki, who is one of the longest serving director on board, said, “We are very focused and particular since the ideal formation of VMAS ASIA (INDIA)  and this focus & particularity have flown us till here where we are having BAGS & PACKAGES of Film, Show & Web Series. Now we are 80% occupied with fully ready Films, Shows & Series and 20% line up for acquisition Even there is que for 2nd & 3rd Season for content at our acquisition team. We are set to launch our 1st application installment i.e, VMAS MARATHI and this will be a successful launch according to our Marketing Strategy.”

Solanki, added, “We are eying to be one of the best entertaining platform with at REGIONAL LANGUAGE. Our IT team has build a highly state of art technology application with worlds highly paid SERVERS & TRANSMISSION. to make VMAS ASIA ‘s application one of the best globally.”

Website- www.vmas.asia / www.vmasmarathi.in

Emails : [email protected], [email protected]

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