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Fashion comes from within and, Mr. Yash Katyal makes this statement true in all possible ways with his hard work and determination to make dreams come true. He is a lifestyle influencer and a businessman who is very down to earth and believes in bringing the best out of opportunities. 

Interviewer – Tell us something about your initial days in your career and how you came out to be a conqueror of it all? 

Yash Katyal – The one thing that I have always stood by is being honest with every step that I take in my career, and it all started back in the year 2012 when I started my career in modeling, and that turned out to be a pretty start because I was willing to make it work. Then taking a shift in my career, in the year 2016, I got into the social media industry as a social media influencer, which was quite new to me in terms of career aspect and was equally exciting. Over the years, it feels great to have established me as a social media influencer and have been fortunate enough to work with over 100 brands. 

Interviewer – You seem so deeply rooted, so there must have been some social impact and changes that you would have created; what are those? And how that seed of thought came in?

Yash Katyal – I have always been close to people, and nothing makes me happier than doing something for them and a good cause; thus, there is one thing that I am diligently working on, which is ‘low-cost clothing’ that I am solely going to dedicate to the Non- Governmental Organisations. This is one plan that I am looking forward to and have certain calculations regarding the same and talking about the seed of thought coming in, it was directly connected to me being a social person, and anything that I can do selflessly for people makes me happy. 

Interviewer – There must have been some person who pushed you to do your best; who was it? And how did that someone influenced you to perform better? 

Yash Katyal – I am glad that this question came my way; thinking about it now is like living some of the best memories that I have created with that person who is none other than my brother, Vipul Juneja, who made me do what I am doing right now. He was the exact right guidance and influence which I sought in a person. It was because of his constant moral support that I was able to work at my best. He was the one who motivated me to pursue my talent from the amazing platform of social media as a social media influencer. One of the best parts about both of us is that our style is very much similar and the same goes with our work pattern and the direction that we are working in. His work has always been an inspiration to me. We share a very good bond. 

Interviewer – Can you explain a bit about your growth in the social media industry and when exactly you started seeing the good results coming out of it?

Yash Katyal – I have very loyal and true audiences and followers, and I feel honored enough to have got that. I have nearly 1,62,000 followers on social media, and it is because of them, I am always on my toes, and I have this zeal to deliver in the best possible way and up to their expectations. After working for two years in the social media industry, I started getting good and massive recognition from my audiences, and to date, I feel humbled enough to have received that. I have a very definite goal to influence today’s younger generation with my unique sense of fashion and style. 

Interviewer – What is supposedly your next plan, and is there any major contribution that you would like to mention? 

Yash Katyal – I am thinking of starting a fitness channel along with the lifestyle niche because that is one thing that I believe has a lot more potential to work on. During the lockdown, I did campaigning for the Covid warriors, which turned out to be a huge success, and thus that is one star-studded in the list of work that I have done. 

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