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Watch: Arijit Singh Schools A Fan Who Injures Him By Pulling His Hand

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Arijit Singh, the Indian playback singer, is one of the most popular singers of the current times and his concerts and live shows are completely houseful. He enjoys a huge fan following and it won’t be wrong to say that his fans are crazy for him and many of them can do anything to click a selfie with him or shake hands with him but fans should also remember that their favourite star should not get hurt because of anything that they do.

On Sunday, Arijit Singh performed in Maharasthra’s Aurangabad and during the interaction with public, a fan pulled his hand so harshly that he got injured.

A video is going viral in which Arijit is talking to that fan and trying to make him understand that he is struggling now and his hand is shaking. This is what Arijit said to him but in a very patient and kind manner, “You were pulling me. Please come on stage. Listen, I have been struggling, okay? You have to understand this. You were pulling me. Listen to me, I am not somebody who’s going to blame just like that, okay? I am struggling.”

Arijit Singh further said, “You are here to have fun, no problem. But If I am not able to perform, you are not able to have fun, that’s as simple as that. You pulling me like that… now my hands are shaking. Should I leave?”

The crowd shouted immediately, “No” and Arijit further said, “Why did you pull me like that? My hand is shaking right now. I can’t move my hand.”

Here is the video clip:

We also request everyone to behave responsibly so that no celeb gets injured like this. Get well soon Arijit Singh.

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