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What it takes to be a mother

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Motherhood is the shedding of a skin that it used to be Her Transformation Her Journey. Committed, Compassionate, Cool, Amazing, Beautiful, Brave, Patient & many more such adjectives are a few words that can justify the Divine expression – Mother. However, these traits are a part of every woman’s personality, but it’s just that it blossoms to their fullest when she transits into motherhood.

 The transition is an ‘ordinary miracle’ to most of us. Still, everyone must understand the physiological, social and psychological change a woman undergoes to fit into this new Avatar! The very idea that life is inside her during pregnancy and then nurturing that human being who will be dependent on her for warmth, food, love, comfort, and protection until you take her last breath can make a woman feel complete and, at the same time the journey may look frightening.

The period of pregnancy is a fusion of practice and anticipation. All you are doing is reading and hearing from other women, books, the internet, and media to prepare yourself. In addition, you are adjusting to your body, relationships, career, mood swings and other psychological aspects. Post-pregnancy lives change significantly for women. They begin to cope and understand their new status.

Work  and friendship communities’ changes to new mothers’ group. They feel wonderful,& cheerful but sometimes also feel disconnected, exhausted, exhilarated, and vulnerable. They undergoes a severe identity crisis. The life of a mother is a roller coaster ride. Remember, there is no holiday for a mom.

The job never gives you a chance to retire at any given point in time. One has to function without mercy on many occasions. There are episodes of meltdowns, resentment and depression. The transition journey requires support from her partner, friends and family, her current communities, the communities she develops, etc. They help her to accept the best version of herself. And if she gets ample support and accessibility from each one of them, in that case, the transition will be smooth, resulting in relationship satisfaction, better mental health, child upbringing, and parent-child interactions.

Thus, she became a wise woman who knows and sees more than ever! Someone has rightly said, “From being cracked open by panic, stress and anxiety to being stitched up like a warrior as soon as the soft little hands, sweet smiles, and the warmest of hugs caress you, motherhood is the most fulfilling yet difficult role in a woman’s life.”

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