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WhatsApp introduces new feature to give community admins more control over membership

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The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp, which is run by Meta, is launching a feature that will give community managers more authority. The platform’s most recent change allows community administrators to control who may join their communities.

The WhatsApp beta for Android update, which is available on the Google Play Store, introduces this capability. With this upgrade, WhatsApp is giving community admins an extra choice that gives them greater power.

A new community setting is now accessible, enabling community managers to choose who has the right to add members to the community, according to reports from WABetaInfo. The ability to directly add new members is by default restricted to community administrators.

However, there may be circumstances in which community administrators choose to broaden this permission, enabling anybody to add members directly. They can choose the “everyone” option in certain circumstances. With improved flexibility and control over their groups and community members, this feature provides a significant improvement for community admins.

“It is an additional layer of control, allowing community admins to select who can add members directly,” according to WABetaInfo. It’s crucial to remember that if someone has a genuine community invite link created by the community admin, they can still welcome others to the community.

The ability to control who can manually add new members to their communities is essentially given to community admins by this new option, even if a community invite link is not required.

Initially, only a small set of beta testers who download the most recent WhatsApp beta updates for Android from the Google Play Store will have the power to manage membership additions in community groups. It is anticipated that it will reach a larger audience in the upcoming days.


Meta-owned WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that grants community managers more authority. The beta for Android update, available on the Google Play Store, introduces a new community setting that allows community managers to control who can add members to their communities. This feature is typically restricted to community administrators, but can be expanded to allow anyone to add members directly. The “everyone” option is available in certain circumstances. This feature provides improved flexibility and control over groups and community members, benefiting community admins. Although only a small group of beta testers will have access to manage membership additions in community groups, it is expected to reach a larger audience in the coming days.

Nitin Gohil
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