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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Why the Talibans are buying Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue Tick

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Many Taliban commanders have joined up for Twitter’s premium verification service in order to boost their visibility on the microblogging platform. The Blue Tick is currently being used by two Taliban officials and four notable supporters of the extreme Islamist party in Afghanistan.

Users that subscribe to Twitter Blue receive a variety of privileges. This service also displays a blue checkmark in front of the user’s Twitter account. The Taliban are now taking advantage of this as well.

According to the article, several Taliban commanders have used the premium service Twitter to get blue ticks. This will boost their visibility on the microblogging platform. According to the allegation, the Talibani commander has joined up for Twitter’s premium verification service.

This implies that the blue tick will appear on their accounts as well. According to the BBC, two Taliban officials and four notable followers of the violent Islamist organisation are now using the Blue Tick in Afghanistan.

Previously, Blue Tick was only granted to active significant and legitimate accounts of public interest. This was confirmed by the corporation and could not be purchased. After purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk altered this.

He has begun a paid membership service for providing Twitter Blue Tick. Users can use this to pay for blue services.

Apart from the blue checkmark, consumers are provided several more premium perks in this. Hidayatullah Hidayat, head of the Taliban’s “Access to Information” department, now has a blue tick. He disseminates information on the Taliban government.

According to the source, Abdul Haq Hammad, a prominent official in Afghanistan’s Ministry of Information and Culture, has also received a blue tick. For years, the Taliban’s existence on Twitter has been called into doubt. People are now concerned that the Taliban may propagate their philosophy to the rest of the world by exploiting it.

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