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With Nikon d40 in his hands, here’s how Akshit Garg become Indore’s best photographer

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Nothing can beat a person who dreams with his open eyes! Here we are with another inspiring story of the week.

For the first time, Akshit Garg held Sony HX100V and captured some amazing landscapes pictures in the lap of nature. Watching the result, his parents didn’t ignore his flair and gifted him Nikon D40, and since then Akshit never looked back and went on to become Indore’s Best Wedding Photographer.  

Akshit, founder of Akshit Photography and budding company, Keywits Creative Technologies is an inspiration for all those artists who want to pursue their passion for photography. Here’s that little push that you need to carry forward your dream.

Akshit had a keen interest in photography since he was a teenager so he learned all about camera and photography under the mentorship of Mr. Hemshankar Pathak. Soon, he jumped into commercial photography and specializes in portrait, fashion, commercial and macro photography.

Widely known for his Wedding Photography, Akshit was even hired to shoot for one of the wedding functions of Isha Ambani. He has captured a number of pictures during the Gujrati wedding of Ambanis that helped him grow further professionally. He is loved by thousands of his Instagram followers and even his clients shower him with millions of blessings for his charismatic work.

When we asked Akshit about his work and what he looks for while taking pictures, he said, “In these years, I have never even taken a weekend off. I wander around with my camera wishing not even a single beautiful moment passes without me capturing it, be it in nature or when someone smiles softly, the kind of smile that makes other people happy. More than that, it is about capturing the beauty of the moment in front of me. Beauty lies wherever you tend to search for it and almost everything, even an inanimate object has a story of its own to tell”.

It’s his wish to capture frame by frame, and pixel by pixel and it will remain the same. For Akshit, photography is a way of expression, a prayer for peace, and art helps him practice gratitude. He wants to capture everything and those moments that have a lot to say and to give life to objects, and every corner that has a story to tell. He says, “I want to give a new perspective to things, every time I hold the camera.”

Earlier, Akshit has held two solo exhibitions in Indore for which he traveled to Ladakh, a road trip of 21 days where he captured landscapes of breath-taking views. The highlight of this trip was a time-lapse video that got featured in a local leading newspaper. Apart from it, Akshit never failed to impress his fellow citizens and one time during the lockdown, he helped the MP Police with digital patrolling with the help of drone surveillance to check any illegal activities happening in the city.

There’s never a dull moment in Akshit’s career because he never stops creating and capturing moments. Akshit also holds an official diploma degree in photography and did a job to get exposure plus experience in visual arts.

Talking about his budding company, KEYWITS is a digital service provider helping you establish SEO, SMM, Graphic Design, Design, and Animation, for your digital platforms. While Akshit Photography provides services like pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding photoshoots, candid photography, and cinematography, and in his years of experience, he never failed to impress his clients or customers. That’s the work of Indore’s best photographer.



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