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With Rs 7000 She Created Empire Worth Rs 100 Crore

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Would you make grocery bags?” jeered her father when he saw Nina Lekhi immersed in work, sitting in the core of a heap of bag-making materials. This would possibly additionally choose for to have been ample for a 18-year-old to smash down into tears and take up some problem which met the approval of his father. But may additionally choose to there be any such idea? After all she used to be the first female in the family who questioning of working.

“I didn’t comprehend what had passed off because I was used to being a good student in class, being the head girl, always being the teacher’s fantastic student, and unexpectedly this entire component came upon me that I’ve failed. It was for me as if I’d failed in life.”

Nina solely knew one issue and that used to be growing stuff that she would herself choose to buy. She noticed t-shirt with slogans and personality but no person was promoting luggage with a statement in India. Nina says it took place all by incident and she had never thought her work will develop at such a fast speed. Thanks to the assist and encouragement from her mother, Nina started out making bags with a capital of just Rs 7,000. She offered fabrics and different material and hired a tailor to sew them together.

She commenced showing her baggage at shops where they sold like warm cakes. This brought on Nina to take her merchandise significantly and she started exploring eco-friendly, vegan material for her bags. Baggit was born out non-cruelty and used faux leather and upto 85% recyclable material which has made them a big favored amongst the animal-loving fraternity.

Having her honest share of difficulties, she misplaced more than 100% money invested in the first store that she opened.

Fast forward 25 years, Baggit is now promoting at more than 1,000 shops across the u . s . a . and unlike different manufacturers it is definitely manufactured in India. The commercial enterprise which she began with only Rs 7,000 has come to be a manufacturer really worth over Rs a hundred crore.

Looking back, now Nina realizes failing in college virtually pushed her closer to her destiny and opening of Baggit. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, she additionally balances her private life wonderfully believing that girls are excellent at multi-tasking.


A meditation-lover, Nina is full of life and a huge believer in inner voice, intuition and never letting go what you love doing. She commenced her experience at a time when now not many dared to dream of making a mark for themselves but persistence and believing in her advent has bought Baggit a long way. Wish her greater success and may additionally be hold inspiring many extra people.


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