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Two renowned women taking a step abreast in society and defying stereotypes 

A big workshop is coming on it’s way hosted by two most renowned coaches Maniisha Thakkar and Sabira Merchant.

The workshop will cover topics on communication skills and dining mastery where you may explore some unknown facts & understanding the topics spoken by these two coaches While we go into detail about the workshop let’s do a cursory check for Maniisha Thakkar’s origins revealing that she is a vibrant personality with a sympathetic and caring attitude toward life after conquering challenging life milestones. She is a motivational speaker, life coach, counselor, image consultant, and NLP coach. She has mentored tens of thousands of people in more than 17 nations.

Maniisha has accomplished a great deal, receiving honors degrees from Bombay University in psychology and English literature. She is also certified in a number of therapeutic modalities, including reiki, crystal healing, psychotherapy, psychic shield, and arhatic yoga. At a young age, she was inspired by a hunger for knowledge in this multidimensional culture, so that she might approach life as holistically as possible.

After being personally educated by one of Asia’s Leading Personal Stylists to give it a robust and stable foundation, she acquired her certificate in image consultancy.

Despite all of her accomplishments, she has made significant strides since then and has worked with SabirMerchant, one of the internationally known & most prominent personality.

Sabira Merchant, a Miss India trainer, and top etiquette instructor started out as an artist in Mumbai’s program when she was in her 70s. She made a great breakthrough in the training field and was very successful. She portrayed Madame Manaeksha, the enchantress, in the BBC play Six Steps to Happiness. She has taught numerous well-known celebrities for international beauty pageants, including Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, and others. She was also an anchor in one of Doordarshan’s program.

Today these two strong and independent women are teaming together to host a workshop to educate people to move forward where they’ve stuck in life.  Communication Skills and Sensibilities are the two crucial aspects that will be addressed during the workshop followed by Fine Dining  COMMUNICATION & DINING ETIQUETTES WORKSHOP:28TH MAY 2023 Venue: SUBA INTERNATIONAL HOTEL  Exhilarating Opportunity to eat lunch with two International coaches.

These are the main themes that individuals need to converse candidly and honestly speak about in order to prevent misconceptions and have sensitive conversations with the other person.

These two individuals intend to spread their own experience and understating of life through a workshop to make people understand it and learn from it .


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