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Woman Trolls Fraudster On WhatsApp In A Hilarious Way, Tweets Screenshots

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With the advancement of technology, fraudsters are also coming up with new ways to scam people and rob them of their hard-earned money by making them click on a link, scan some code or do any such similar activity through which scammers get access to their bank accounts and till when the person smells that something is fishy, it’s too late as the damage is already been done.

We all receive many calls and messages from the people who make an attempt to lure us on the pretext of job, lottery and other things and as they feel that we are trapped, they make us follow a certain procedure after which a huge amount is debited from our account.

In one such case, a scammer tries to get in touch with a woman named Udita Pal, co-founder of a Bengaluru-based fintech company, and gives her job offer. They send her a YouTube link, ask her to click it, like it and subscribe to the channel.

Although Udita gets the whole matter in the beginning, she makes up mind to have some fun and play with the scammer by pretending to be inexperienced and showing that she is actually interested in the job. In the meantime, she also gives a hint that she knows the scammer is trying to rob her with video names like “Caught some idiot trying to scam” and “Idiot still doesn’t get it” but the fraudster doesn’t understand. Finally when they get it, they block her.

Here are the screenshots:

Udita took to Twitter and shared screenshots with the caption, “I’m going to hell for this.”

Well, that was certainly a nice way of tackling the fraudsters and we hope that they would get some lesson this time and won’t try to rob someone else with their cheap tricks.

Nitin Bhatnagar
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