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Thursday, November 30, 2023

World Bank predicts 6.3% GDP growth for India despite global issues

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The World Bank has predicted 6.3 percent India GDP growth in 2023-24 . In its latest India Development Update (IDU), a semi-annual economic review, the World Bank noted India’s resiliency amid a tough global context. In April, the World Bank lowered India’s 2023-24 GDP prediction from 6.6 to 6.3 percent. According to the bank, India was one of the fastest-growing major economies in 2022-23, increasing 7.2 percent despite global concerns. Growth roughly double emerging market average and second-highest G20. Research links resilience to strong domestic demand, public infrastructure, and financial sector.

The first quarter of the current fiscal year saw Indian bank credit rise 15.8% from 13.3%. Indian investment should rise 8.9% and services 7.4%.

Poor global environment

World Bank India Country Director Auguste Tano Kouame acknowledged short-term threats from a deteriorating global climate. He said public spending that attracts private investment will help India grow quicker and capture global prospects.

High global interest rates, geopolitical tensions, sluggish global demand, and a slowdown in global economic development over the medium term are expected to continue, according to the World Bank.

The survey predicted that food prices will normalize and government actions will enhance the supply of critical commodities, reducing India’s current inflation spike due to weather circumstances. The analysis expects a moderated impact of inflation on consumption and favorable circumstances for private investment. As the global value chain rebalances, India may witness greater FDI.


Despite India’s resilience in a harsh global context, the World Bank maintains its 6.3% 2023-24 GDP growth prediction. The bank observed that India’s 7.2% growth rate was second in the G20 and double the developing market average. Strong domestic demand, governmental infrastructure spending, and a strong banking sector provide resilience. Bank credit in India rose 15.8% in the first quarter, while the service sector should retain 7.4%. Investment growth should maintain 8.9%. The World Bank’s Country Director in India, Auguste Tano Kouame, acknowledged the short-term challenges of an adverse global environment and stressed the importance of public spending that attracts private investments to help India seize global opportunities and grow faster. Over the longer term, the bank expects rising interest rates, geopolitical tensions, weak global demand, and a decline in global economic development.The World Bank expects 6.3% GDP growth for India in 2023-24 despite global issues. At 7.2%, India was one of the fastest-growing economies.

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