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World Thalassemia Day 2023: All you need to know about Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a rare and uncommon form of  illness, in which there is a consistent absence of blood in the body. The patient has to be  given blood every few months because of the condition.

In such a scenario, where there is a lack of understanding among us about Thalassemia, the sickness would eventually take on a more dangerous form over the course of time. Hence, the world celebrates  this day on 8th May every year to raise awareness about this illness.

The topic for this year’s celebration of global thalassemia day, which is scheduled for 2023, is “Be Aware.” Give, and take care. The time has come to educate people about the condition and the several treatment choices available.

What precisely is thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a blood ailment, often known as a sickness that is connected to blood. This illness is hereditary, which means that it is passed on from parents to offspring through their genetic material.

Because of this, the body is unable to create an adequate amount of these proteins, which are necessary for the production of blood. Red blood cells in the body are unable to perform their functions normally and are eventually destroyed when there is not enough hemoglobin in the body.

When this occurs, the red blood cells are unable to transport oxygen to all of the cells in the body, which results in damage to various organs as well as a negative impact on the body as a whole.

Symptoms of Thalassemia

If there are not enough red blood cells in the body, then not enough oxygen can reach all of the other cells in the body. This causes the person to feel ill, weary, and weak, and their complexion to become pale, while they may also experience difficulties with their facial bones, a large belly, and loose stools.

Alterations in the color of urine, and occasionally even a sensation of being unable to catch one’s breath. Aside from this, persons who have this condition will always have a higher risk of developing anemia. With just one apple each day, you may put an end to the widening gap in your bones and eliminate the purine that contributes to the problem of uric acid.

Both information and prevention are of utmost significance. Those who have thalassemia might have varying degrees of anemia severity. A severe case of anemia might potentially be fatal by causing damage to vital organs.

Because of this, it is the obligation of the parents, if they themselves are afflicted with this condition, to have their children checked as soon as they are born and to monitor them closely for any signs of illness or development problems. Additionally, make sure you keep in constant contact with your physician and be vigilant.


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