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Would you eat world’s first gold-plated Vada Pav for Rs.2000 in Dubai?

A popular Mumbai street food has just got a costly look. A gold-plated Vada Pav is now selling in Dubai for Rs.2000/-. But, would you eat it?

On a menu of Indian street foods, Vada Pav is always a hot favorite not only because it is tasty but also affordable (sells for just Rs.10-12 in Mumbai). In a bread bun, which has been cut almost half through the middle, is placed a deee-fried potato dumpling.

Normally, one and more chutneys are served. I like a Vada Pav more than burgers, as it is an Indian snack that is served with a special combination of spices, callled “Ghati Masala,” that gives it a hot and strong taste. Having two Vada Pavs for just a total of Rs.20-24 can fill your tummy if you are hungry.

People have already had a taste of gold biryani and golden burgers. But are you ready to pay Dh 99 (approx. Rs 2,000) for a gol-plated Vada Pav that is being served at a restaurant in Dubai.

The restaurant, called O’Pao, sited in Karama, is popular for its Indian dishes. The restaurant has now started selling the world’s first 22-karat gold-plated Vada Pav, which is just available for dine-in option. 

Al Karama is a residential area in Dubai, sited on the west banks of the Dubai Creek. Karama is one of the oldest settlements in Dubai.

Due to the regularity of its residential structures, it is externally noteworthy.

There are thousands of people in the region that was planned on a narrow grid system, even if it is only 2 kilometres in size.

Coming back to the Vada Pav coated in gold, a report indicates that the vada is loaded with imported butter from French and cheese while the bread has a topping of home-made mint flavored maynonnaise. The vada is covered with 22 carat of gold leaves that are sourced from France and have excellent quality.

More than 20 thousand times a video uploaded by Masrat Dawood on Twitter with network people using the video. The video displays the vada pav being served in a sculpted wooden box on a base of nitrogen. The 22k vada pav is plated with gold and comes with sweet potato fries and mint lemonade on the side.

One commenter on Twitter remarked in response to the popular video, “Should be prosecuted for failing to respect a vada pav.” 

Another netizen said, “Vada Pav has now received the gold standard.”

I don’t know what you would say in response to all this. But, I would say people like me, who have a simple taste, would say no to a gold-plated Vada Pav. And it’s not because of the expensive tag that it comes with. It’s because of what I said in the start of this article : I am most like other Indians who love the Vada Pav as it is which is hot and spicy. It’s actually the ‘Ghata Masala’ masala and the green chutney that it’s served with that the Vada Pava oh so tasty. And when it comes to food, taste matters more than the look.

According to me, there is nothing wrong in buying luxurious things for ourselves if we can afford them. But, I hope that you understand that we should not waste our money. Instead of spending your money on things like a Rs. 2000 Vada Pav (even if it is gold-plated) you should donate it to a charity.


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