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Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Clinic

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When someone has decided it’s time to take action in response to their hair loss problem, they will start the process of searching for a hair loss treatment clinic near them. However, the process is not as straightforward as it first may seem.

Choosing the right hair transplant clinic can be challenging. There are so many hair restoration clinics out there, all with slightly different prices and hair loss treatments to offer. Therefore, it’s essential for those looking for these services to educate themselves concerning what they should be looking for in a clinic before agreeing to proceed.

Below are the factors that should be going into the evaluation of a clinic.

Look for a Free Consultation

It’s easy for people to witness hair loss and immediately jump to the conclusion that they require a hair transplant when this isn’t always the case. Ideally, there should be a consultation with an expert doctor to ensure that a hair transplant is indeed the right step forward.

That’s why a free consultation is so valuable, because it gives people the chance to have their hair assessed by a medical expert who can recommend the best course of treatment, whether that’s a FUE hair transplant or something else entirely. Thus, never launch into a paid service without first attending a professional clinic offering free of charge hair surveys.

Ensure That The Clinical Team Have the Necessary Experience

No one would be comfortable undergoing a major surgery with a novice doctor, and the same applies to hair treatments. Trusting a novice team could have disastrous results when it comes to hair. People who are suffering hair loss understand the value of having a full head of hair, and therefore should only trust clinical teams with an extensive track record of delivering results.

Take chief hair surgeon at Wow Cosmetology, Dr. Vinay, as an example. He has been performing successful hair transplants for over 15 years. That period includes an intensive training period at Ailesbury Hair Implants (AHI), in Dublin, Ireland. Such international experience is invaluable and with over 1,000 treatments undertaken a year in Mumbai, people can trust that he has the expertise and reputation to carry out such vital restorative work.

Ensure the Clinic Offers a Broad Spectrum of Hair Treatments

Not all hair loss problems are the same. Some individuals suffer from alopecia, whereas others wish to undergo a hair transplant after suffering with male pattern baldness for many years. With so many different conditions causing baldness, and with several different stages of the process, those seeking hair loss treatments need to ensure that the clinic they choose offers the correct treatment for them.

Whether an individual needs an Advanced Hair Transplant (AHT), a Non-Shave Hair Transplant (NHST), or a FUE hair transplant, it’s imperative to choose the proper treatment for the hair condition (and progression of the hair loss). Thus, if a clinic only offers a few treatment types, they will likely force their customers into the wrong choice in order to suit their treatment options.

Make Sure the Clinic Cares About Their Results

While all businesses exist to make money, they should also actually care about the results they achieve for their clients. An excellent hair loss treatment clinic showcases its success stories. Whether on social media or via website testimonials, these case studies should demonstrate that they know how to achieve success in the realm of hair restoration.

Thus, when evaluating clinics for a hair transplant, make sure to evaluate their customer care, especially the after care offered post-treatment. If there is no evidence to be found of caring about the customer, it’s probably best to opt for a different clinic.

Choosing A Hair Transplant Clinic the Right Way

Suffering from hair loss or baldness can be frustrating and take a huge emotional toll. However, when deciding to take action and get hair issues fixed, it’s crucial to avoid rushing into any decisions.

Undertake research to understand and evaluate the team’s clinical experience, the range of treatments available, and their track record of past success. Once it has been determined that they meet all of the criteria laid out above, then, and only then, is it a wise move to proceed with a hair transplant or similar hair loss treatment.

If you wish to work with India’s leading hair transplant specialist, contact Dr. Vinay Chouksey (MBBS, MS) on either 9967053372 or 9653489296. He operates out of the Wow Cosmetology clinic based in Juhu, Mumbai.

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