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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Talent Dhundo, India’s largest talent portal has made a heroic entry into the industry.

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How to Showcase your talent in the TV and film industry? Put an end to all your struggles with Talent Dhundo’s digital platform. 

Recently, an Indian company, Talent Dhundo has made a grand digital entry and in no time became the Largest Talent Portal. (www.talentdhundo.com). They even made their presence on your very own mobile through an app on the Play Store by the same name.

Talent Dhundo – more than just an app:

Talent Dhundo is a revolution. It’s not just a platform to showcase your talent and win likes and comments. It works like a search engine for talent hunters and those in the industry who aspires to work with someone with a unique talent. The portal acts as a mediator between upcoming new artists with top production houses in the TV and Film fraternity. The company’s vision is to help the Artists achieve what they truly deserve. 


Are you excited to know more? Let’s read How it works?

Talent Dhundo is an online forum that channelises young and talented artist’s extraordinary skills onto various platforms. These platforms are like TV/Cinemas/Events/Reality Shows/Public Functions, etc. They assist your talent to reach the right beginning. Thus, as an artist, what you need is to follow specific steps. 

First, as an artist, you need to register yourself via Talent Dhundo App on the play store or visit their web portal. Then upload your talent videos and other social media links where you have already posted your skills.

In the next step, the talent dhundo team scrutinises the artist’s profile. The experienced team of Talent Dhundo then send the registered profiles across all the industries for consideration. What follows, maybe your call for an audition, selection and finally, the assignments. It is vital to note that even all the Talent hunters (filmmakers, production houses, event companies, advertising agencies, casting agents) are put under a scan. Thereafter the talent searcher is granted access to an artist’s live dashboard. Once they do that shortlisting, the Talent Dhundo team takes it forward from there to close artists for assignments. 

The main benefit occurring from this arrangement is that both the artist and talent seekers are on one single portal. Both can fulfil their search requirements. 

It’s for everyone

Talent Dhundo is for every category of artists. Whether it’s Actors, Singers, Models, Photographers, Standup Comedians, Makeup Artists and Stylists, etc. (existing or a newcomer), all are welcome to register themselves. The professional team of this company works for everyone with the same zeal and dedication. Talent dhundo also organises various talent programs for artists to upgrade and polish their skills from time to time.

Talent Dhundo- Your road to success:

Talent Dhundo’s has a very genuine revenue model. It charges 5 per cent of the remuneration as a mediator fee. It’s for the assignments received by the artists through their platform. Also, a one-time service charge of INR 199 is payable on registration. This is just like a coordinating fee they charge the artists and Talent hunters for assignments and their closure.

www.talentdhundo.com  or Visit the Play store Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.talentdhundo

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