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Wudzo Home Interiors Invests In New Mega Modular Factory

A leading maker of modular furniture, Wudzo Home Interiors, is building a new mega modular factory in Bangalore. Since it was launched as an interior design firm in 2017, Wudzo has been gradually expanding its business to become one of the best interior designers in Bangalore and across the country. The high-end interior design company is now building the new factory to meet the demand for its  modular furniture that is growing rapidly.

Wudzo’s  aesthetically beautiful modular furniture makes your home look lavish

When you build a home for yourself, you should remember to take the help of a company like Wudzo so that the interiors of your home not only looks great but also reflects your personality and fulfills all your needs.

The interiors of your residence is most important, although you may have a fabulous lifestyle  and may live in one of the most impressive and  ultra-modern apartment complexes.  Although we all want to have a home built for ourselves,   many don’t care much for its interior design.  But, there are some wise people who want to decorate and make their homes more colorful, and for that they select the best interior designer. Only an interior designers like  Wudzo has the creativity, technical know-how, professional and industrial skill on space, building, architecture, and human lifestyle to make your home interiors look lavish, without you having to spend all the savings of your life on it.

In the year 2017, two talented individuals, Varun Ravindran and Manoj Martin, joined hands to establish the design firm ‘Wuzdo.’  The company has always taken utmost care to make its modular furniture look more aesthetically beautiful, as well as functional and comfortable so the furniture can fit into all spaces. It won’t be wrong to say that the modular furniture pieces has been making Wuzdo since its launch has helped its business growing

Wudzo Home Interiors builds new -25000 sq ft modular factory

Wudzo  is a luxurious brand that is already among the top makers of modular furniture in Bangalore,  and the demand for its aesthetically beautiful furniture is growing. But, it won’t rest on its laurels and continues to take steps to reach the top of the industry. One such step is investing money into the construction of a new modular factory in Bangalore for which the company has  secured funding recently.

Wudzo already has a 5000 sq ft  based in Peenia, Bangalore , where it manuctures modular furniture. The company is now building a new  25000 sq ft  modular factory in Horamavu, Bangalore, currently.

The new mega modular factory would help Wudzo better serve its customers.  It would also allow the company to take a big step towards expanding its business. Delivering orders for your products and services on time and effectively is key to the success of any business.The new facility will enable Wudzo to make modular Interior units mode on time and  effectively, with the help of the best in quality imported machinery.

Wudzo has also been expanding its business through experience centers in Bangalore. The company has launched a new experience center in the city recently and is taking big steps to invest 50 crores in business and R&D by 2022.

Wudzo has two interior design experience centers in HSR Layout and HRBR Layout to help consumers understand the materials they use and the design process.

The company has successfully delivered over 500 homes and is fast expected to become one of the top 10 Home Interior Designers in Bangalore. The new mega modular factory would help Wudzo achieve that success rapidly.


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