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Zidd Hai – The Anthem of the invincible

Amongst all the latest and fresh releases, “Zidd Hai” is surely the music number that’s creating some real noise across all the music platforms and radio channels.
Touted to be the anthem of the invincibles, it is the song one would regret missing out on.

The music video of Xqbic Production’s motivational anthem, “Zidd Hai” showcases an inspiring real-life story of an astonishing 7-year-old wonder, Arshia Goswami, from Panchkula, Haryana. Arshia is a self motivated weightlifting prodigy who also happens to be the protagonist in the music video. Ever since she started training with her father, she has been thoroughly enthusiastic in her preparations putting in hard yards day in, day out consistently. Being in the close monitoring of her father, she prioritise her fitness and diet as an upcoming athelete, all of this in mere seven years of her existence.She has earned the tag of India’s strongest girl and also entered in The India Book of Records last year as the youngest deadlifter.
The key role of her father is played by Ajay Singh Rawat, yet another hard worker & achiever in his forte. He is in the Indian Special Armed Forces and has also been Mr Madhya Pradesh being a top-notch bodybuilding athelete for years.
The story of Arshia and her father Avnish Goswami, is the pivotal point which the song revolves around.
Music composed by Aabhinav Meher and voiced by Shruti Sharma, this song is the glimmer of hope amidst the worldly chaos and deafening silence of once used-to-be supporters, for those who go through persistent struggle against all the odds, doubts and constant nitpicking this world hurls at. What one really needs is throwing off all the shackles of this society that it invariably tries to confine you in and muster up all the courage to fly with those eager but caged wings. Standing up again and rising above every time life knocks you down requires utmost willpower and that sheer extra push, setting you apart from all the detractors eventually.

The producer of the song, Bharati Mahapatra, an independent, self driven and passionate woman from Mumbai, is a professional legal consultant as well as a classical Odissi dancer. She summoned all her guts & wits to follow her passion relentlessly and ended up moulding it into reality when she initiated Xqbic Productions back in 2018. Ever since its inception, it reached many a milestones right from short films to documentaries and now a music video is the latest feather in its cap.
Bharati says, “I’m starting off my new venture with this song as I can relate to the very philosophy of never backing down in life which this song runs on and not just me, rather everyone can absorb this song to the core. It has that universal generic appeal that would attract all the ears and inspire them to reach new heights.”
“Zidd Hai”, Xqbic Production’s first music project, expresses this sheer essence of life in a soothing way that would motivate and push you beyond your limits while striving to be better than yesterday.
The much awaited song has been released on 15th August 2022, on various music streaming platforms and on XQBIC’s official YouTube channel.

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