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Tally celebrated the true spirit Of MSMEs with ‘Always AweSME’ campaign

Regardless of the industry or audience they serve, every company owner has heard of Tally. Tally has been assisting small and medium-sized business owners for more than three decades.

To honour the indomitable spirit of MSMEs throughout the world and to recognise their unwavering commitment to our country’s economic progress, Tally honoured International MSME Day by creating a new campaign called ‘Always AweSME.’

Jayati Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at Tally Solutions said, “The campaign’s centrepiece film demonstrates how one firm may touch the lives of consumers and other enterprises, providing impetus to the broader ecosystem. It depicts a chain reaction of growth that begins with one company taking the initial step toward reaching their goals. “MSMEs are critical for any nation’s growth. Their ability to select this road not only enables lives of its employees, but it brings hope and possibilities to the greater society. ‘Aap Se Bane Hum’ accurately depicts how MSMEs and the ecology as a whole are intertwined. We have been assisting our country’s heroes for more than three decades, and this video is a little effort to commemorate that spirit.”

Tally presented enlightening masterclasses in collaboration with ET Now& Business Coach and Author Rajiv Talreja as part of the overall campaign and to educate small companies with the know-how, best practises, and strategies related with critical difficulties that they encounter. Tally has announced the second edition of the ‘MSME Honours’ to honour and celebrate the variety and good effect of micro, small, and medium companies at the hyperlocal level. Tally MSME Honours was launched internationally in its second edition spanning India, the Middle East, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Indonesia. MSMEs submitted nominations in five categories: WonderWoman, Business Maestro, NextGen Icon, Digital Transformer, and Champion of Cause.

The programme garnered a tremendous response, with over 2000 submissions submitted from 350 towns and cities worldwide. At India, 97 MSMEs were honoured in four big ceremonies held throughout the country’s four zones (East, West, North, and South). It’s heartening to see that MSMEs, which genuinely run the country and contribute significantly to job creation, GDP development, and exports, are now getting the attention they deserve. MSMEs have an impact on everyone’s lives, from businesses to consumers, and there is no doubt about it. Tally Solutions seized the opportunity to congratulate every MSME that improves the lives of millions and demonstrated the importance of recognising the efforts of these nation builders.

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