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Friday, December 2, 2022

Zomato introduces 10-minute ‘Instant’ food delivery service; Twitter responds with memes

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Zomato has introduced a 10-minute food delivery service. The company says it wouldn’t pressurize delivery partners to achieve the feat.

Zomato has introduced a 10-minute meal delivery service, called Instant. The company will launch the service in Gurgaon next month.

Deepinder Goyal, the company’s founder, confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, “Announcement: 10 minute meal delivery is coming soon on Zomato. 10/10 for food quality. Safety of delivery partners – 10/10. Time to delivery – 10 minutes.”

He also published a document outlining how “Zomato Instant will do the impossible while safeguarding the safety of delivery partners.””

It emphasises right away that no pressure would be placed on delivery partners to deliver the food faster in order for Zomato Instant to succeed.

Management would not take place on the road, and delivery partners would be unaware of the specified delivery time.

Instead, “a dense finishing counters’ network,” algorithms, and in-station robotics, among other things, would be required to meet the speedy delivery guarantee.

However, social media was baffled as to how this could be accomplished without putting pressure on delivery partners, or how it would be logistically feasible given the country’s thick traffic.

They were also concerned about potential dangers on the route.

Social media users responded with a variety of criticisms, some of which included memes, in response to these basic grievances.

Zomato’s new food delivery service was harshly criticised by MP Karti P Chidambaram.

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