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10 effective tips to help you take care of your health this winter

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Winter is a pleasant season, but it can play havoc with your health. Find out 10 effective tips to help you care for your health this winter season.

Winter is a pleasant season, as sometimes there is warmth in the air and the cold is less. , But, sometimes it’s just too much. In such a situation, it takes time for people to adjust with the changing weather. Especially the elderly, children and people with weak immunity. They need to take precautions during this time. Where there is no carelessness, the problems of cold, cough etc.

People who have diseases like sinus, allergy, bronchitis, asthma, they should avoid eating and drinking carefully. They should not use expectorant things. By following the precautions mentioned below, you can save yourself from the troubles of winter.

If you go out for a walk in the morning, then start going half an hour late, so that the morning cold can be avoided. There is no problem even if you go in a little lukewarm sunlight. Vitamin-D will also be consumed.

1. Do not walk barefoot directly on the grass or on the floor.

2. If your hair is wet, get out on a two-wheeler only after drying it.

3. Make sure to drink warm water first thing in the morning.

4. Do not take cold water for bath. Take bath with warm water.

5. Don’t allow cold air to go directly into the ear, protect yourself with muffler scarf etc. The head and chest should also be covered.

6. Increase the use of things with hot effect. For example, a decoction of hot spices, celery, clove, cumin, fenugreek seeds, large cardamom etc. can also be drunk.

7. Ginger tea is also beneficial in the morning and evening.

8. It will be better if you do not eat cold and things that have come out of the fridge.

9. Sour things like curd and lemon as well as things like rice, poha, milk and desi ghee can also cause phlegm.

10. Mustard oil is more suitable to be used in this season instead of coconut oil.

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