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Shark Tank India’s Ashneer Grover reveals why he bought MS Dhoni’s Mercedes GLS car

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Ashneer Grover, the co-founder of Bharat Pe, rose to prominence after competing as a judge or “shark” on the first season of Shark Tank India. In this article he has revealed he bought MS Dhoni’s Mercedes GLS as he was fascinated with sports cars

Since his appearance as a shark on Shark Tank India season 1, the world has become accustomed to entrepreneur Ashneer Grover’s willingness to voice his mind. From offering advise to discussing his own experiences, Ashneer has never been afraid to speak his mind. That being said, Ashneer recently revealed his love of sports vehicles in a recent chat.

He also mentioned Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal and Blinkit’s Albinder Dhindsa’s fondness of fancy automobiles.

The former co-founder and general director of the Indian fintech business BharatPe, Vagerah Vagerah, disclosed on the podcast Vagerah Vagerah how Zomato founder and Blinkit founder Albinder would acquire automobiles following rounds of investment.

In his chat, Ashneer stated that while he is “passionate about automobiles,” Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal is obsessed with them. Deepinder acquired a vehicle the instant his round of funding was authorised, which irritated everyone.

In the podcast video, published on the YouTube website Genuine Bande, Ashneer can be heard saying, “I am enthusiastic about vehicles and it’s not just me, it’s everyone.  Deepinder, the creator of Zomato, sabse zyada shauk usko tha.

(Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal was infatuated with automobiles.) Jab bhi uska round raise hota tha uski nai sports car aa jati thi toh hum bade chidte the.

He’d acquire a sports vehicle after every round of fundraising, and we’d become irritated because he’d get to ride in fancy automobiles).”

“He would drive sporty vehicles even ten years ago,” Ashneer remarked.

When asked about the Blinkit founder, Ashneer stated that Albinder purchased a Range Rover after receiving funds. Continuing his obsession with sports vehicles, Ashneer said on the show that if he gets scratches in his new car, he is angry for a week.

However, in the case of the used four-wheelers, “they already come with a handful of scratches,” so adding a few more didn’t worry him.

However, he noted that used automobiles allowed him to be carefree since he “can drive it with comfort instead of being overly careful with a new car.” The ex-Shark Tank judge went on to explain how he established a superstition in his head and believed that unless he purchased a car, he “wouldn’t be able to complete a round of funding.”

Ashneer revealed an experience about purchasing a used luxury automobile after learning that it formerly belonged to former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni.

Ashneer explained, “I acquired a GLS (Mercedes-Benz GLS) from Jharkhand with a VIP number, and the salesman got me to buy it by stating that the vehicle had belonged to Dhoni.”

That’s how the  Bharat Pe co-founder revealed he fulfilled his fascination with sports cars.

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