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3 Idiots’ Wangchuk warns PM Modi on Ladakh; will go on hunger strike on Jan 26

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Sonam Wangchuk, the inspiration of the film-3 Idiot, is going viral on social media.  He addressed PM Modi and said that nothing is right in Ladakh. Wangchuk has also announced a 5-day fast from Republic Day on climate related issues.

A video of Sonam Wangchuk, the inspiration for the film 3 Idiot, addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and saying that nothing is well in Ladakh is going popular on social media. Wangchuk’s video is titled ‘All is not well.’

Wangchuk has also launched a 5-day fast beginning on Republic Day to raise awareness about climate change. Wangchuk will fast in -40 degrees Celsius.

In his video, Wangchuk states, “I will go on hunger strike on January 26th, Republic Day.

Republic Day commemorates the acceptance of India’s composition. I’m not going on a hunger strike at home. I’m going to do it on the footpath.”

And will do so in the freezing cold. I shall not go on hunger strike in Leh, but rather at the summit of Khardungla.

Wangchuk said, “I shall go on hunger strike in the middle of these glaciers to send a message to the rest of the world. If I make it, If you leave, I’ll see you again.”

Wangchuk asked to Prime Minister Modi in the video to connect with the people of Ladakh at the highest level, adding, “The people of Ladakh do not want the union territory to be opened for mining, like China did in Tibet.”

There is a severe water deficit in Ladakh, and if foreign investors begin to arrive for mining and other purposes, these glaciers will be unable to withstand it.

“Aside from the climate, Ladakh is strategically significant, and the people of Ladakh have fought separate battles with China and Pakistan since 1948,” Wangchuk added.

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