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45-year-old Biohacker spends $2m a year to have body of 18-year-old boy

Human age definitely increases but it never decreases. However, the CEO of a biotech company in America is trying to prove that human age can be reduced again. For this, he is also spending crores on his body.

Every person born in this planet will perish. That is why it is also stated that once one reaches a certain age, it cannot be decreased again, even if one is the most powerful or wealthy person on the planet. However, a guy in America is attempting to disprove the centuries-old hypothesis of ageing. The most significant aspect is that this individual is likewise travelling quickly towards his target. If this individual is successful, it will be nothing short of a scientific miracle.

Yes, we’re talking about Brian Johnson, the 45-year-old CEO of California-based KernelCo Biotech Company in the United States. Johnson wishes to age his physique to that of an 18-year-old kid. They are also losing crores of rupees as a result of this.

Johnson is actually working on a project to lessen the physical age of humans. Brian states that this project has decreased his epigenetic age by five years and one month. This initiative has been dubbed “Project Blueprint” by Brian.

A team of 30 doctors and medical professionals is collaborating with Johnson on this research, and their job is to monitor every minor alteration in Brian’s body. This group is assisting in reducing the age of Johnson’s bodily parts.

Johnson adheres to a rigid schedule as part of Project Blueprint. Johnson can’t even eat non-vegetarian cuisine since the schedule is so tight. Johnson consumes 1977 calories on a daily basis. He also exercises out for an hour and goes to bed at the same time every day.

The most crucial aspect of the regimen is that Johnson’s morning begins at 5 a.m. as well. In the morning, Johnson takes roughly a dozen different vitamins. Consume green juice in addition to creatine.

Every day, an eye is kept on Johnson’s body, and several tests are performed. Johnson’s pulse is checked periodically throughout the day. Johnson’s weight, body fat, blood glucose level, and heart rate are all monitored on a daily basis. Johnson’s blood tests, ultrasound, and MRI are also performed on a daily basis. A gadget also monitors his erection at night.

Johnson claims that what he is doing is a bit much to hear, but he is attempting to demonstrate that physical injury and decomposition are not permanent.

Johnson’s medical staff is overseen by Oliver Zolman, a 29-year-old physician. Oliver’s objective is to demonstrate that humans can lower the age of their bodily parts by up to 25%.

Oliver stated that there is no such individual in the world who is 45 years old but has the organs of a 35-year-old. Oliver went on to say that if we can verify that Brian has changed, it will be a huge deal for the globe.

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