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7 top healthcare and pharma startups in India

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The healthcare sector in India is rapidly expanding. Find out a list of 7 top healthcare and pharma startups in India.

The desire for success causes you to disregard your health. You may be immersed in your startup, but don’t push yourself to death in order to have a successful entrepreneurial career. Health is wealth for the wise men.

In terms of income and market share, the healthcare sector in India is quickly expanding. The Indian healthcare business, which is currently valued at $100 billion, is anticipated to rise by 23% to $280 billion by 2020.This expanding sector has given birth to a slew of health-tech businesses in India. They serve numerous healthcare segments, assist with appointment scheduling, sell drugs online, and serve as the venture’s marketed unit.

In addition, we have compiled a list of Pharmaceutical Startups in India. In this piece, we will look at some of the most successful, promising, and rising health businesses in India.

Here are the 7 top healthcare and pharma startups in India:

1. Netmeds

Netmeds, one of India’s largest healthcare businesses, is an online platform that has firmly established itself as the country’s foremost online pharmacy, with millions of active consumers and deliveries to over 19,000 PIN numbers. It is also known as ‘India ka Pharmacy,’ and it provides streamlined purchasing for pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products via its online site and mobile app, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Netmeds is serviced by 14 logistical hubs located throughout the country.

Netmeds features a multilingual customer service centre that accepts, digitises, and approves millions of handwritten prescriptions via voice, chat, and email, as well as a staff of certified pharmacists that receive, digitise, and approve millions of handwritten prescriptions. Netmeds has 3 million downloads in 2018 and expanded to more than $512 million; it is expected to reach $3.645 billion by 2022.

2. The ImpactGuru

ImpactGuru is a tech-for-good platform that was developed with the goal of making healthcare more accessible to all and saving more lives.

It offers extensive crowdfunding solutions to enable individuals, non-profit organisations, and social entrepreneurs to generate funds for medical emergencies and other comparable causes.

3. Docplexion

Docplexus is a platform for doctors to develop their own communities and discuss issues with other doctors from all over the world. Docplexus, founded by Phanish Chandra, an IITian, has over 275,000 Doctors as members. It is a free platform; however, to register an account on DocPlexus, you must be a licenced doctor.

4. Mera Medicare

MeraMedicare is a healthcare firm founded by Pankaj Gupta. MeraMedicare offers home delivery of medications in 2 to 12 hours and a 15% discount on practically all medications. It is a dependable and hassle-free method of ordering medications.

5. 3Hcare

3Hcare is a healthcare startup based in Delhi. It is a healthcare services marketplace on the internet. 3Hcare gives comprehensive information on healthcare services in India. Users may easily visit 3Hcare’s website to learn more about diagnostic centres and hospitals that meet their needs.

The term “3Hcare” refers for “Help, Health, and Happiness,” and it represents the startup’s goal of assisting individuals in maintaining their health and happiness.

6. Ekincare

Ekincare is one of India’s most innovative health-tech firms. Ekincare allows consumers to keep their medical documents and access them from any location at any time. Ekincare secures your data and simplifies the understanding of your medical data using graphical charts and visualisations.

7. Practo

Practo is one of the world’s biggest healthcare platforms and an independent medical website that focuses on patients. It connects millions of users with healthcare providers and doctors worldwide and assists individuals in making better healthcare decisions.


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